Friday, January 01, 2016

The Cancer Hoax

by Claude Chaney

       The reason why there is no cure for cancer in the United States today is really quite simple.....The medical and pharmaceutical establishment is not ready for one. They want to make more money from expensive prescriptions and chemotherapy. The number one cause of bankruptcy for most of the US middle class is due to health related issues.
   In actuality there is NOT one but several cures for cancer. The cancer industry is making a fortune and it is just waiting for the time when it can make the exclusive profit of the  cure.
    Mr. Charles Hoxson was just one of the people who developed a  cure for this dreadful disease. He was labeled a "quack" by former American Medical Association president Morris Fishbein, who successfully ran Mr Hoxson out of the country.
It is very difficult to practice alternative forms of treating cancer because of today's Medical establishment stronghold on the implementation of cancer remedies.  It has forced us to rely on chemotherapy,  which at best successful only five percent of the time. 

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