Wednesday, January 13, 2016


by Claude Chaney
   One more event to add to the long list of atrocities to show what appears to be a well orchestrated attempt to exterminate African Americans in the United States. The long string of police murders of innocent unarmed blacks in which white police officers are immediately exonerated is outrage enough (even murdering 10 and 12 years olds) but the deliberate dropping of chemicals into the river that supplies drinking water to Flint, Michigan is an atrocity that should not go unnoticed even though it is unreported or under reported in the mainstream media.
   During the right wing take over of the state of Michigan, a governor can put one official in charge that has complete control with no input or response from the citizenry. This is totalitarianism, the same type of totalitarianism US citizens in the armed forces are asked to give their lives to abolish in foreign countries. The hypocrisy is mind boggling. Governor Snyder has no excuse whatsoever because it was another right-winger in his own administration that brought this to his attention....and even complained in behalf of the people of Flint and this miserable excuse for a governor did NOTHING. As a result thousands of blacks and others ingested water with chemical wastes which will adversely affect the future health of babies.  Rmuse wrote the following in his Politics USA column "Now, although there were numerous warnings that people’s lives were being put at risk with an ALEC corporate tyrant running the show, Michigan’s governor can hardly deny that his ALEC-Mackinac tyrannical takeover is literally poisoning entire communities; all in the name of GOP and ALEC privatization and austerity madness."
     Mr. Snyder conveniently called a state of emergency requesting federal help "after the damage had already begun" Nowhere in the president's final State of The Union address was this matter even mentioned and once again the only presidential candidate that is taking on this issue is Bernie Sanders. These types of assaults on black and brown communities are becoming commonplace with little or any repercussions for the perpetrators. Governor LaPage made a blatantly bigoted remark about a mixed race couple implying that the white female was dysfunctional and the black male was a drug addict. Both members of this union were educators with advanced degrees. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel deliberately withheld evidence of a white policeman who deliberately killed black teenager Laquan McDonald who was unarmed and walking away from the white police officer. Millions of dollars have been spent in seven states to prove that welfare recipients (erroneously perceived as black) should be tested for drugs. The tests proved just the opposite....drug usage was found to actually "lower" among those on welfare compared to those who were not. Even a legislator who championed this project was found in possession of cocaine, making this expensive shot in the dark a complete waste of time. 
    I may be wrong, but to my knowledge I have heard next to nothing from our black elected
officials in congress, many of whom went right along with their right wing Republican colleagues who voted to give advanced military weaponry those who police predominantly black areas. A tragic mistake is being made by those blacks who mistakenly think that this has nothing to do with them because of their status or their income, nothing could be further from the truth. Keep in mind Trayvon Martin was killed in a well to do neighborhood in which one of his parents lived. If you are black and you live anywhere below the Canadian border you have to be concerned for the well being of YOUR family because in 2016 US racism knows no bounds and white bigoted murderers more often then not go unpunished.

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