Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bernie Sanders surges ahead

 by Claude Chaney
    There has been a seismic change on the 2016 presidential campaign landscape. Bernie Sanders trails Hillary Clinton by on 4% after trailing by 11% earlier. Sanders is now ahead in both New
Hampshire and Iowa. Quinnipiac polls show that Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump by a thin margin if the election were held today, but Bernie Sanders would trounce Donald Trump by a landslide.
    The money of the Kochs, Schiafes and Alpersons have been rendered insignificant compared to the massive donations that Sanders has received in numerous small donations that average $43.
Of course it would be a mistake to underestimate Republican treachery as evidenced by the theft of
the Al Gore presidency and how the Democrats just laid down and played dead. What most people including ardent Sanders supporters don't seem to realize is that a Sanders victory will mean nothing if we don't have increased Democratic and Independent representation in the Senate and the House of
     Sanders policies are resonating with the people, most of whom are not depending on the TV
pundits but instead are turning to the internet and going out to see Sanders speak all across the nation.
At the this point Sanders has one big advantage over Clinton......he does NOT depend on Wall Street and the financial establishment the way Obama did and Clinton does. Sanders is talking about
breaking up the banks the way Iceland did to resounding success. Sanders is talking about seriously
reducing the prison population and encouraging divestment from for profit prisons.  Sanders is talking
about universal health care, which if put into effect will put more money in the pockets of the average US  citizen. These are the issues that the middle class public want to discuss and the very same issues the Republicans want to avoid.....they would much rather champion tax cuts for the rich,  prohibition of abortions, and breaking up unions. As of January 14, 2016 things look very good for a Bernie Sanders presidency but his adversaries are adept at making the low information voter vote against his or her self interest. Time will tell who will prevail.

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