Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Anne Coulter, The Goddess of Misinformation

by Claude Chaney

       95% of talk radio is conservative, mainly because liberal entities cannot afford the high cost
of being on the air, while conservatives continue to saturate the airwaves because of billionaire
donors with very deep pockets. When I was driving in rural Alabama I was shocked by the
huge number of Rush Limbaugh ads. This oxycontin addict gives his opinion on major issues
without rebuttal so the people who listen to him believe what he is saying because they haven't
heard a differing opinion. This would not have been a problem before Ronald Reagan became
president because of the "fairness doctrine" which compelled broadcasters to present both sides
of issues crucially important to the US populace. Reagan eliminated the Fairness Doctrine.
The right has a tremendous influence on what is heard and seen in US media. I am not speaking exclusively about FOX, although it might be the most egregious, I am also including ABC, NBC, CBS and even PBS.
      Print media is slowly but surely evaporating. Rupert Murdoch has bought National Geographic
and the first thing he did was lay off a substantial number of his journalists. Multibillionaire
Sheldon Alperson secretly purchased the largest Nevada daily and followed Murdoch's example.
This makes it extremely difficult for the writer whose particular political perspective that might
be just slightly left of center to find employment. Those who find themselves gainfully employed
must embrace the right wing rhetoric or present themselves as apolitical if they want to feed their
families and keep their jobs.
      In this type of media atmosphere it is particularly dangerous the media exposure of Anne
Coulter, who has become a best selling author allegedly because 1% billionaires are purchasing
huge quantities of her books that have disinformation or misinformation that the uninformed are
excepting as "truth" Just notice the numerous times she has been proven wrong and not once
has she acknowledged a mistake. She continues so say "I'll have to get back to you on this one"
but never does.
      This is the same person who exited an airplane when she found out that both pilots were
African-American female pilots, so besides being dramatically uninformed she is also a bigot. She is extremely dangerous because she is frequently seen on mainstream tv. It is only on cable where she is challenged and challenged so vigorously that you can't help but feel sorry for her. The danger is that unfortunately people who consistently watch TV make the tragic mistake of believing what they
see and from what I have seen there are few pundits who take Coulter to task for her erroneous statements to the detriment of the US television viewer.

                                                         2018 Update

This post is two years old and the situation has gone from BAD to WORSE. Progressive entities on
You Tube continues to be harrassed with regard to monetization and the ultra conservative network with a penchant to bend the truth, Sinclair Broadcast Group has bought the vast majority local stations, many of which will be "disguised" as ABC, NBC, CBS or even FOX.

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