Monday, January 25, 2016

An open letter to Senators Corey Booker and Robert Melendez

  In my lifetime I have been made aware of the most heinous acts committed against black and Hispanic people: an eleven year old boy Emmett Till was grossly disfigured and killed by a few racist white men who were never punished for their crime. A twelve year old African American child was murdered while playing with a toy gun and the trigger  happy policeman in Cleveland, Ohio walked away. Amadou Diallo was killed in his own place of residence and shot at 41 times by
white police officers who had the audacity to claim they couldn't distinguish between a gun and a wallet…once again the white policemen get no type of punishment whatsoever, in fact one of them was even promoted.
   Anthony Baez was a police officer, his crime was letting his football hit another white police officer’s car, he paid for the mistake with his life. A black man in Texas was beheaded by racist whites for no apparent reason except for being black. Ten year old Clifford Glover committed no  crime yet he was shot in the back and killed by a white policeman who like so many other white policemen avoided any punishment whatsoever. Patrick Doresman was minding his own business when an undercover cop became infuriated when Doresman told him he didn’t have any drugs and couldn’t tell him where he could go to buy drugs. This policeman killed Patrick Doresman, and l have not heard of any action being taken against this assassin. Then Mayor Rudolph Giuliani had the nerve to say the crime was the result of Doresman’s upbringing when both he and Doresman attended the same Catholic school. Another unarmed African American man Sean Bell suffered a similar fate when he was shot at 50 times by police officers on the day prior to his wedding. 
    African American teenager Trayvon Martin was stalked by white vigilante George Zimmerman and was killed when this teenager adequately defended himself to the extent that cowardly Zimmerman felt he had to use his gun. Martin was killed and Zimmerman was exonerated. Teenager Laquan McDonald may not have had a spotless record, but he did not deserve to be shot in the back while walking away from a police car. This was all shown on the dash camera in the officers police car. The administration of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel deliberately withheld this information until the end of the Chicago mayoral election. Unarmed teenager Mike Brown was murdered by a white police officer who was exonerated on the testimony of "one" avowed racist white female. In the San Francisco Bay Area African American Oscar Grant was shot in the back while handcuffed. This was recorded by several people with cell phones. With all of the witnesses against him the cop only got 11 months in jail on a technicality. In Staten Island New York Eric Gardner was put in an illegal lethal choke hold which eventually lead to his death. Ramsey Orta was the young man who captured the entire incident on his cell phone has been the victim of continued police harassment ever since. Let us not forget the state sanctioned assassination of Nobel Prize winning African 
American author and civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. orchestrated by J. Edgar Hoover, who stained the legacy of an innocent man James Earl Ray, while the actual killer was Edward Jowers.
    All of these outrageous blatantly racist murders pale in comparison to what has been done by Governor Rick Synder of Michigan, appointing an unelected supervisor responsible for the poisoning of the water supply of Flint Michigan and then appointing that very same unelected supervisor to facilitate the physical destruction of the Detroit Public School System, doing absolutely nothing about the continued decay of school buildings and the continued presence of rats and roaches. Governor Snyder’s action is worse than any of those previously mentioned because in those cases as horrid as they may be “one” person was unjustly killed. In the case of Governor Snyder, hundreds, possibly thousands will be killed and they will suffer a painful death caused by the after effects of dangerous chemicals in the toxic Flint river. Governor Snyder and his staff were well aware of state of the Flint river for almost a year, so he has no excuse. 
    It would be a crime if Governor Snyder does the same thing as most of the other white individuals that I previously mentioned. Removing him from the governor’s office is a step in the right direction but it’s not enough. Mr. Snyder should stand trial for attempted murder, or negligent homicide at the very least. 
    I am asking you as an elected official of my area to do the right thing and not be a participant in the 
mockery of our judicial system. It is my understanding that members of congress can play a role in 
the impeachment of governors who have committed unlawful acts. All politicians should promote the 
will of the people who made it possible for them to be elected. I, and people like me are responsible 
for your having the distinguished office that you now hold because of our votes. As soon as possible I would like to know what you are doing and what future position you will be taking on this matter. As the old adage goes “If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem” 

                                                                                                            Claude Chaney

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