Saturday, January 23, 2016

2015 The Year In Review (Sports)

         Although I may watch other sports from time to time my primary interest in baseball
and for me 2015 was a fabulously unforgettable year. After decades of mediocre play the
New York Mets became the best team in the National League. No one would have predicted
this at the beginning of the season. The four frontline line pitchers Matt Harvey, Jacob DeGrom,
Noah Syndergaard and Stephen Matz dominated the league, all four with sublime earned run
averages for the major part of the 2015 season. All four young pitchers avoided arbitration Bartolo Colon surprised many becoming a 15 game winner at an advanced age for the sport. Jeurys
Familia and Addison Reed provided excellent relief from the pen. Daniel Murphy set an all time
record by hitting seven consecutive home runs in seven post season games. The biggest surprise
was Yoenis Cespedes who immediately changed the team into an immediate contender with his
offense (17 home runs in half a season). Lucas Duda went long 29 times, and altogether five of
the eight starting players had ten or more home runs.
          For awhile it appeared as if the Chicago Cubs would be the favorite to take the 2016 NL
crown with the addition of Justin Hayward and Ben Zobrist, but with Yoenis Cespedes returning
to the Mets with the return of Jenry Mejia, the addition of Antonio Bastardo in the bullpen and
Asdrubal Cabrera and Alejandro De Aza to strengthen the infield and outfield the Mets must be
considered the strongest team in their division, if not the entire National League.  Yoenis Cespedes
after having a spectacular regular season only batted .222 in the post season, but what most people
did not know was that he was injured and preferred not discussing his injuries. The future looks
very good for the New York Mets, who lost the World Series to the Kansas City Royals, but just
like the Royals returned after losing to the Giants in 2014, the Mets are looking to triumphantly
return to the World Series in 2016.

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