Friday, January 01, 2016

2015 -The Year In Review (politics)

       2015 was a relatively good year for me, though things went a little south in December. Of course any year above ground with good health has to be a good year. 2015 may have been a good year for
me, but I don't think it was a good year for the country, or even the planet Earth.  Scott Walker has destroyed the economy of Wisconsin by subjugating a once powerful state into one with a neutered work force with unions losing their benefits at an alarming rate. What Walker has done to Wisconsin Christie is trying to do to New Jersey. Class warfare was very much evident in 2015 as the income gap continues to widen. It has become more and more expensive to get a decent education in the United States, student find
themselves going into hundreds of thousands in debt, while education is practically free in every other industrialized nation.
        The big story of 2015 was the huge number of unarmed black males who were murdered by police and in most cases these policeman walk. The officer who killed a handcuffed Oscar Grant and then shot him in the back got only an eleven month jail sentence. The officer who put the illegal choke hold on Eric Garner wasn't even indicted. In Cleveland, Ohio no culpability was found in the
shooting death of 12 year old Tamir Rice. The officer who was one of those who fired the 41 shots that killed unarmed Amadou Diallo several years ago got a promotion in 2015. Policemen all across the country have been given a license to kill and can expect complete exoneration in the event that
they are involved in a wrongful death.
        A white adolescent killed four white people on the road in a car. A psychologist states that the boy is not fully responsible because he suffers from the effects of abundant wealth. He is a victim of
"affluenza" A white woman claims that she was raped by a black man. There is no evidence and
there are no witnesses, yet this black man spent twenty six years in jail for a crime he didn't commit.
All of this is happening on the watch of the first black president Barack Obama. This is hard to
understand because in the sixties a white president sent troops to Little Rock, Arkansas to make
sure that little black children were protected from white mobs who intended to attack them in a bid to undermine integration, preventing them from attending a previously all white school. The combination of a black president who goes out of his way to prove that he is the president of "all the people", trying to show his "impartiality" and a majority black populace that doesn't want to admit to any shortcomings of the first black president has proven to be lethal.

         Local police have been given arms that are designed for soldiers in a war. The black congressional black caucus is now a divided group, many of whom have voted with the domestic hawks to provide these expensive unnecessary weapons that kill innocent black people. African Americans are imprisoned at a higher rate than any other people on earth. Many of these black prisoners are behind bars for low level drug possession of marijuana while states like Colorado and Washington are seeing windfall profits from the sale of marijuana. In 2015 contradictions were prevalent. During the recent Republican presidential debates not one of these issues were discussed, in fact there were several complaints by Donald Trump, Ted Cruz  and Carly Fiorina that the questioning was already out of line.
        On the positive side although it was seldom covered by the mainstream media several universities across the country forced their institutions to divest from the for profit US prison
system. Here is an excerpt from an article that details the student campaign at the University of
   "On December 18, the University of California system quietly dropped a big bomb: It will sell off its $30 million worth of investments in private prison corporations by the 31st of December, thanks to considerable pressure from student groups. The move is a huge step for organizations concerned about inequalities in the justice system and the conditions at for-profit prisons, which definitely generate funds for shareholders, but don't provide adequate living conditions for their detainees. The Afrikan Black Coalition is largely responsible for the divestment, as the group was the one to put forward a resolution demanding the sale, and representatives of the ABC met with UC officials to discuss disposing of the investments in an orderly fashion - typically divestment begins quietly before official announcements, to avoid creating instability in stock prices."*
    On the foreign front it appeared as if President Obama continued the policies of his predecessor George W. Bush, being closely aligned with Saudi Arabia who continues to brutally put down a democratically elected government in Yemen. The saudis emptied their US supplied weaponry again Yemen, the poorest country in the region. Our "ally"
Saudi Arabia has been known to provide weapons and financial support to ISIS. 

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