Friday, December 18, 2015

DNC chair Wasserman Schultz denies Bernie Sander campaign access to DNC voter file.

We demand that DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz immediately reinstate the Bernie Sanders campaign's access to the DNC's 50-state voter file, which is crucial for voter outreach in the last weeks before the first Democratic caucuses. Shutting down Sanders' tools to reach voters is an infringement on democracy. 
There are currently 11,632 signatures. NEW goal - We need 15,000 signatures!


Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who heads the Democratic National Committee, undoubtedly made the call to suspend Bernie Sanders' access to the DNC's 50-state voter file in the wake of a software glitch that a Sanders staffer had previously reported on multiple occasions. With just 6 weeks to go before the Iowa caucuses and less than 2 months before the New Hampshire primary, the Sanders campaign needs this voter file more than ever to reach a maximum number of voters. Withholding access to this critical information at such a critical time for the campaign is equivalent to sabotage. 

Friday, December 04, 2015

Model Confesses to being paid to destroy Bill Cosby

by Claude Chaney
    When it comes to Bill Cosby, I have always said if he did what he is accused of then he deserves what is happening to him, but after seeing Dick Gregory's video (another prominent comedian from the 60s) describe how he was the victim of an organized well-funded campaign to destroy him it led me to the conclusion that the same thing is being done to discredit one of the most influential African-Americans in the United States for the last forty years.
   It just strikes me as strange that all major media outlets eagerly jumped at the chance to throw Cosby under the bus. Through all of the adverse publicity Camille Cosby sticks with her husband. I don't think that she would do this if all of these allegations were true. A young model in 1982 has come forth with a description of how she was approached by two men who offered her $15,000 just to claim that Bill Cosby attacked her. It strikes me as strange that I am not able to post that video when there are numerous videos that can be posted that are accusatory or highlight the perspective of the victim. You can see this video on YouTube but it can't be posted, at least I can't post it on this blog. Look at it yourself and come to your own conclusion about it's veracity, the video is titled "Model Confesses Was Paid to Destroy Cosby.


The Middle East Conflict: There are more questions than answers.

by Claude Chaney
     If you asked the average Iraqi, would he or she prefer living in Iraq now or in the times of Saddam Hussein. It is more than likely he or she would say the Hussein era. If you asked the average Libyan, would he or she prefer living in Libya now or in the times of Muammar Quaddafi it is more than likely he or she would prefer Quadafi. Libya was the most prosperous of all African nations. Nato, US and other western forces have reduced it to rubble causing these massive migrations of refugees. Syria is now in the crosshairs of these very same aggressors whose clandestine aim seems to be to create a third massive failed state.
    I remember the Project for A New American Century and the talk of "endless war". Today's conditions in the so called Middle East reflect the objectives of the architects of the PNAC. There are undoubtedly more questions than answers. The mainstream media bombards us with frightening images of westerners about the be beheaded as just an example of the barbarity of ISIS, yet our "ally"
Saudi Arabia fills stadiums so spectators can witness beheadings. The violent sector of Islam  (Wahabis) came from Saudi Arabia. Here you can be stoned to death for infidelity and adultery. This excessively violent nation is attacking is significantly smaller neighbor Yemen because the Yemenis, who recently overthrew a dictator are making a heroic attempt to establish a democracy in their country. This gets little or no coverage in the US mainstream media. John Pilger points out France,
The United States and Saudi Arabia all have given economic support to ISIS. Presently The US
infrastructure is crumbling and the already bloated military budget is bound to explode even further as the majority of leaders from both politically parties make it painfully clear that they are much
more interested in the issues abroad than they are with the concerns of its own people. Apparently having the weaponry to destroy the planet 18 times isn't enough. The true world leaders, like the authors of the "Project for A New American Century" are determined to have that permanent war which will provide a boondoggle for Lockheed Martin and other weapons entities. Since there is practically no transparency in the US government and we continue to lose the little that is left it will be unlikely that these questions will be least not any time soon.
    Next to Rupert Murdoch, Saudi Arabia is the second biggest investor in Fox News, so "the" question is, is Saudi Arabia a friend or a foe? I do not mean a friend to the 1%, or a friend to US Democrats or Republicans, even a friend to big business. My question is "Is Saudi Arabia a friend
to the middle class and poor U.S. citizen?  I think not.