Tuesday, November 24, 2015

17 year old black teen killed by white cop in Chicago.

   The outright murder of 17 year old black teen Laquan McDonald by a white policeman is just the latest in a series of murders of young black men. Although McDonald did have a knife the dash cam
clearly shows that he was nowhere near the officer, who was in his car while McDonald was "walking" away from Officer Van Dyke.
   This incident happened in late October yet it is only seeing light of day November 24, 2015 a little
more than a month later. The city of Chicago apparently made a deal with the McDonald family giving them 5 million dollars in exchange their not suing the city. We know about this case only
because someone used the "Freedom of Information Act" making the dash cam film available for public view. This video clearly shows that Officer Van Dyke committed murder. The question now
is will there be any consequence because of his actions. If he is exonerated black outrage will be
come even more than visible than it already is simply because the country (since this is a national
problem) will clearly state that the lives of its black citizens are worthless. In almost every case
strong evidence is not taken seriously and the murderous policeman freely goes about his business.
    Oscar Grant, another black adolescent was shot and killed by a white officer while he was
handcuffed. This happened in front of several witnesses, some of which filmed the whole incident
on their cell phones making McDonald's death equally outrageous as Grant's. It has been said that
every 28 days an unarmed black man is killed by a white policeman. If this continues (and I have
every reason to believe it will) widespread violence will be imminent on both sides.

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