Friday, January 09, 2015

Why is the January 25, 2014 Greek election important to US citizens (especially the 99%) ?

by Claude Chaney
       Another news item that mainstream media is deliberately ignoring is the upcoming elections in Greece. Why is this election so important?  It's important because what happens there could happen here. The Greeks were very disillusioned with both of their major political parties. Experts predict that neither of the two major parties would get 30% of the popular vote. Coming into the picture is the new Syriza party that promises disregard for all foreign debt, saying that this debt was not made by the majority of the Greek people, but by a select affluent minority that made wrong decisions that destroyed the economy. Syriza wants to abolish all austerity programs in Greece
       Of course the stalwarts of capitalism are not taking this lightly. The Greek media has been saturated with threats from Germany and other European nations. There are threats that include removing Greece from the European Union. These threats are having an effect because the race is now narrowing but Syriza still has the projected lead as of January 8, 2014.
       What relevance does this have to the United States?  Like Greece, the US has two major political parties that have disappointed the people of the United States. During the last national election only 37% of the electorate showed up at the polls which makes the Republican landslide politically insignificant. One party is scorned because of its actions (Republicans) while the other party is scorned because of its inaction (Democrats). As a greater amount of the nations wealth finds itself in the hands of a relatively small affluent few, a suffering majority might move to another alternative. If Syriza can hold on and win the general election in Greece, it will set a precedent for the world to follow. I look at Syriza as an inspiration. I wish the party well on January 25, 2015, the day of an election of world-wide significance.

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