Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Terrorism is exposed on one side and hidden on the other

  by Claude Chaney

        There are many of us who are appalled by the heinous acts that have happened in the so-called Middle East. and I count myself among them. This brutal disregard for human life is unforgivable.
My stance maybe a bit different from most because I condemn both sides for their brutality. so many US citizens turn a blind eye to what the US military has done to innocent women and children in Muslim nations, yet they are so quick to condemn Isis, Al Queda and other so called "terrorist" groups for their brutality while not taking a look at our terrorism. You really have to take into consideration who did what to whom first. For every action there is a reaction. United States leadership in the 80s mistakenly thought that there would be no consequences for the brutality forced upon totally innocent civilians.
       Isis beheaded four innocent journalists who were killed for no other reason except for being residents of western nations....The United States, France, England.  The Western media is so eager to call these people barbarians, which in my opinion these murderers are exactly that. But western media says NOTHING about the atrocities that have been committed by invading armies of western nations. As a result masses of people don't have the complete story and this is done by design and it is a shame. The beheading of people is immoral. It shouldn't be done to anyone. When these journalists were killed it was all you could read about on the front pages of newspapers, yet the closest US ally in the region Saudi Arabia beheads about 200 people a week and Saudis fill stadiums to watch these barbaric acts. Two wrongs don't make a right, but what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
        Chelsea Manning thought that when she exposed the murder of journalists in Iraq, (and having the film to prove it) it would  bring about an uproar among the people of the United States, but she was wrong. The former US serviceman posted in this video confesses to the horrible things he has done and admits that he and others have been rewarded for their brutality. I don't know how he can live with himself. A Pandora's Box has been opened and only God can really help us.

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