Thursday, January 08, 2015

Ms. Huxtable Believes Bill Cosby is innocent

   There are two interesting facts about the sexual allegations against Bill Cosby that must be dealt with.  1) Why is Camille Cosby continuing to stand by her man?  2) If all of these allegations are true why did the majority of the accusers wait over twenty years to report these rapes. It appears to me that if a woman was raped in 1984, she would report it in 1984. Someone who was close to Bill Cosby, his TV wife Phylicia Rashad emphatically states that she doesn't believe any of these allegations are true......and most importantly she believes they could have been purposely orchestrated.
    Of course as I have always said if Bill Cosby did do the things he has been accused of then he has to pay for his crimes, but I also remember the malicious accusations of child molestation against Michael Jackson, all of which did not stand up in court and never led to a conviction. Keep in mind this happens at a time when Bill Cosby was about to begin a new cable television network that had the capacity to change black viewership forever and take it in a new direction that would be harmful to the status quo.

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