Saturday, December 20, 2014

2014 The Year in Review (Sports)

by Claude Chaney

    2014 was not a particularly good sports year for me, but I was very impressed with the surge of the New York Mets, although still finishing below .500 they did manage to tie the Atlanta Braves for second place in the relatively weak National League East. There is good cause for optimism, Rookie of the year Jacob DeGrom surprised everyone while first baseman Lucas Duda provided much needed offense with 30 home runs. Next year the fences will be moved in which will definitely benefit David Wright and Curtis Granderson and the addition of Michael Cuddyer means that more balls will be going over the fences in 2015.
    One of my least favorite teams in baseball, the pitching dominant San Francisco Giants proved once again that they are the best team in baseball winning the World Series again for the third time in six years. Although I am a Mets fans, for some inexplicable reason I continue to root for the American League team in the All Star game and the World Series. The only time I will support the National League team in a World Series is when the Mets are participating. Therefore my hopes were with the Kansas City Royals, who were it not for Mr. Bumgarner would have been the 2014 world series champions. The Royals team were in it all the way to the seventh game. It appears as if after the 11-0 trouncing of the Giants in game they had nothing left for game seven. In any event the Royals represented the American League much better than the two previous teams the Rangers and Tigers who for all intents and purposes just played dead. The Giants' manager Bruce Bochy is the best in the game. He knows what each player is capable of doing in specific situations and deserves all the praise he has received.
      The Superbowl champion Seattle Seahawks were the dominant team in the NFL with a marksman quarterback and the league's strongest defense,  it was no surprise they became Super Bowl champions and have a strong chance of repeating in 2015.  The local teams the Jets and the Giants find themselves at or near the bottom of their divisions. Coach Ryan could not produce the magic of his first two seasons in New York, while Coach Coughlin is struggling through the first really bad year as Giant coach he may get another chance because of success in previous years. I don't know if Coach Ryan will be asked to return.
      As of December 20, 2014 The New York Knicks have a dismal 5-23 record after being embarrassed by the Chicago Bulls. The team seems to be rewarded for mediocrity because every home game is a sellout and even though the record is awful the Knicks still are among the leaders in attendance. If you are making exceptional money what is the incentive to improve the team? Sportswise 2014 is a year I would rather forget.

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