Friday, November 07, 2014

Two Florida cities arrest those who feed the poor in public.

    People are being arrested for feeding homeless people in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This is heartless. If Jesus Christ were to appear in either of these two cities with the intent of giving someone food He would be arrested. One of the men arrested was into his 90s.We live in a time where a man can kill an an innocent black teenager and get away with it, yet a 90 year old man whose only crime is that he attempted to give someone a plate of food can be arrested.
   The United States has become a police state. Unfortunately I believe things will get worse before they get better.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

All Is Not Lost....

by Occupy Democrats

Republicans took the Senate last night, but progressives won across the board on nearly every popular ballot question. Voters in four deeply Republican states raised the minimum wage, San Francisco upped theirs to $15. Massachusetts voted for an unprecedented 40 hours of paid sick leave. Voters in Maui banned GMO crops despite $8 million in attack ads by Monsanto and Dow in the most expensive campaign in Hawaii's history. Voters in Tallahassee backed a referendum to limit the influence of money in politics. Marijuana legalization passed in DC, Oregon, and Alaska. California voters made a serious dent in racist mass imprisonment and the war on drugs. Washington state voted for universal gun background checks. Natural gas fracking was banned in 4 counties including in the Texas town where it was invented. Colorado and North Dakota voters protected women's reproductive rights by voting down restrictions to abortion access.
The takeaway from this election is that if we want progressive reforms, popular ballots might be the most effective electoral strategy. Let's up and down vote on the most important social, economic, and environmental justice questions of our time. It's time we bypass the two-party system corrupted by corporate money. Who's ready for direct democracy? What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The Democratic Collapse of 2014....A WAKE UP CALL

by Claude Chaney

     Last night's Republican landslide proves three things.........voter suppression works... big money easily buys elections....and there are extremely difficult times ahead for blacks, latinos, native americans and the poor, but we cannot dispair because that is exactly what they want us to do.
     We can expect the 1% to acquire even more wealth and more tax cuts. We can expect more cases like Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown where the guilty are exonerated. Women will no longer have a say in what they do with their bodies. Let's face it the next two years are going to be hell for minorities and women.
      Polls showed that McConnell was trailing Grimes until the Koch brothers came to his rescue. Reagan survived having both the Senate and The House of Representatives being Democratic, but can Barack Obama do the same thing, honestly I don't know. We got into this situation by his eagerly wanting to reach out to the other side of Congress to find common ground. It took him a long time to learn that when dealing with today's Republicans there is no "common ground". I wonder if he is going to use the veto pen which he often promises to use but seldom uses.  I wonder if Democrats are going to maintain the 60 vote threshold for a bill to pass, or will they take the perceived high road and lower it in the name of ..........fairness.
     We can expect an all out assault on the environment because the Koch scouts in BOTH houses of Congress will be expected to do what they have been paid to do. Net Neutrality may become a thing of the past, because we are definitely going to see more Republicans as part of the FCC. It's now the Democrats turn to gerrymander districts, will they do it, or will they decline and take the high road in the name of "fairness" to Republicans who didn't give a damn about fairness when it came to Democrats.
    We can expect more mass murderers to surface since gun control which over 98% of the people of the United States want will be in decline. The number of states in which a trigger happy coward can go into a church with an AK-47 will increase. President Obama's record on immigration may not have been the best but if you're expecting anything from the Republicans then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you.
    As a lifelong Democrat I must admit that the time has come to take a good long look at how the party functions. There are some wonderful people who are doing the best they can to protect the middle class, yet at the same time we have a large number of blue dog Democrats whose ideology is much more alligned to the Republican Party and vote with Republicans on issues that have been historically Democratic.
     If you are black you must realize that you are hated and despised by a Republican party that vigorously wants to put you and your children behind bars and permenantly prevent you from voting. The sight of any one of today's Republicans to you should be the same as a venomous snake that wants to "KILL" you. If anyone tells you anything to the contrary then he or she is a damned liar or a fool,  even if it is someone who looks like you, a Dr. Ben Carson for example.
   It would be a serious mistake to think that Hillary Clinton will undoubtedly be the next president. The Kochs, and their ilk have tons of money, they have proved that not only can they buy senators and congresspersons, they can also buy votes.
   We have to pray for the health of the four centrist members of the Supreme Court because we could get another Scalia, Roberts, or even worse Thomas if God forbid something happens to any one of them.
   This is indeed a sad day for The United States, not because the Republicans control both houses because I can remember a time when they controlled both houses before, but that was a different Republican party. They were conservatives, but they had the interests of the country as a whole for a top priority. Today's Republicans are arrogant, greedy and for the most part racist. We are living in a time where facilities are being built to imprison tens of thousands of people when crime is decreasing and our infrastructure is crumbling. We have become a kleptocracy that has become government by the rich for the rich, yet we still cannot give up. To every problem there is a solution.....we just have to find it.

Monday, November 03, 2014

A message from American Civil Liberties Union Executive Director

by Anthony D. Romero

           We are in a race against time to make sure millions of voters aren't excluded from this fall's critical elections - and we need you immediate involvement in the ACLU's all-out effort to protect the right to vote.
Here is the situation. Aggressive backers of voter suppression measures -voter ID laws, reckless purges of
voter files, and rollbacks of access to the ballot reforms - such as same-day registration and early voting - are driving to have a heavy impact of November's elections.
           They are feeding the public a false story about non-existent voter fraud, and packaging their agenda as non-partisan measures to ensure clean elections.
            In fact, their agenda is a highly partisan and profoundly anti-democratic. In a moment of rare candor, a former state political party chair in Florida acknowledged that the only reason he and his cohorts nationwide oppose early voting is because "early voting is not good for us."
           Couple this with a Supreme Court dicision that Justice Ruth Bader ginsburg described as the "demolition" of the Voting Rights Act. The Court's decision has made it more difficult for the Justice Department to challenge otrageous attempts to deprive people of their right to vote.
            So it is no surprise that we are witnessing a dramatic state-by state escalation in voter suppression laws. The good news is that the ACLU is active responding. And recently, we won a huge victory when a state court blocked Pennsylvania's extreme voter ID law.
            But we need to keep pushing - and we urgently need your support as we defend the principle that
elections should be decided by how many votes are won, not how many votes are blocked. Please take two immediate steps to protect our nation's most vulnerable voters:
           First, sign the ACLU petition addressed to your representatives in Congress urging immediate
action to restore the full power of the Voting Rights Act.
          Then, send a generous donation of $25, $35, or $50 to support the ACLU as we use our on-the-ground presence in all 50 states to wage a series of tough, state-by-state battles to defend the right to vote.
          Make no mistake about it, the fundamental rights of millions of people all across America-
African-American, Latino, elderly, young, disabled - are on the line.
          And while the ACLU is active working in Congress to restore this fundamental protection, we also know that we must be prepared to step in to fill the void left by the Court's decision.
          That is why it is so urgent for the ACLU to immediately ramp up our already robust state-by-state
defense of voting rights - and why we need you with us today.
         With our network of lawyers and experts in every state and our years of experience in fighting for voting rights, we are ready to take on this fight - and win.
         Right now, ACLU attorneys and advocates are already working overtime in states like Pennsylvania,
North Carolina, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Virginia to stop efforts to restrict voting through Voter ID
requirements, coordinated state-by-state attempts to purge voters from the rolls, the elimination of early
voting , erecting barriers to voter registration, and more.
         We are doing this by using other parts of the Voting Rights Act, and other laws, to forge new
protections for vulnerble voters. We are using the National Voter Registration Act in new ways to fight
emerging voting hurdles. And we are making use of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act to confront voter suppression as we did successfully in Wisconsin.
         But there is also no doubt that out work is going to be much more labor intensive and expensive
now that the Supreme Court has prevented the Justice Department from stepping in with a powerful tool for challenging voting abuses.
        We need your immediate help and your generous financial support to protect people's right to vote.
And we don't have a minute to lose. Every day that passes heightens the risk that people all across
the country could find their path to the polls blocked. 
       The stakes are enormous. Left unchallenged, these laws could take the right to vote away from people
who've been voting in elections all their lives. And not just a handful of people - we're talking about
thousands upon thousands of citizens in state after state. 
       Every single person who loses the right to vote takes our nation a giant step backwards. That is
something we cannot allow to happen, especially at a time when we need more participation in our
democracy, not less.
       North Carolina is a dramatic example of exactly what is at stake. We're challenging an especially
egregious voter suppression law that could imperil the votes of nearly 900,000 North Carolinians - over a third of them African American. Among other provisions, the new law eliminates a week of early voting
when data clearly demonstrates that more than 70 percent of African-American voters used early voting during the 2008 and 2012 general elections. But these insidious measures are not limited to just a few states.
       Our voting rights attorneys are working right now to take on the new and rapidly spreading "voter purge machine" being pushed by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach: 22 states have signed on for this highly questionable scheme that operates in secret and purports to remove voters registered in more that one state.     We have reason to believe that the system will flag a voter for removal if the first name, last name and date of birth of a voter in one state matches that of a registrant in another - even if other identifying information, such as middle name or social security number do NOT match.
    With you active support, the ACLE's Let People Vote! campaign will:
           *Use our on-the-ground presence in all 50 states to wage vigorous campaigns to stop state
             legislatures from passing laws restricting voter rights.
           *Mobilize people all across America to demand that Congress act to restore the full power
             of the Voting rights Act.
           * Go to court to challenge block-the-vote laws that have already been enacted whenever and
              wherever those laws throw unreasonable barriers in people' path to the polls.
           * Launch a massive voter education campaign to help ensure that all voters are aware of their rights.
  No one has the right to rob people of their voice in electing our country's leaders. That is what is so dangerous about the relentless efforts unfolding across the country to block the vote. And that is what is so outrageous about the supreme Court's decision to take the teeth out of the Voting Rights Act.
            If you share our outrage, now is the time for you to act. Stand with the ACLU by taking the two
critical steps I've outlined.