Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pennsylvanian Governor Tom Corbett attempts to abolish Mumia Abu Jamal's freedom of speech

by Claude Chaney 

   Apparently it's not enough to put an innocent man behind bars for a crime someone else has admittedly committed. The agent of repression in the person of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett wants to add insult to injury in the case of Mumia Abu Jamal, who has become one of the world most popular political prisoners.
   Governor Corbett is proposing a gag order on Mumia Abu Jamal and if he is successful it will just prove that all the hoopla we hear about freedom of speech and freedom of expression that we work so hard to establish in other countries is really a lot of bull excrement. The Pennsylvania Governor like so many of his
right wing brethren do not like Mumia Abu Jamal's world-wide popularity and are attempting to put an end to his radio broadcasts that can be heard world-wide through the internet. Since it is an election year for Corbett he is doing something that he knows will appeal to his greedy racist base.
    Mumia Abu Jamal welcomes Governor Corbett's decision because he feels it exposes the Governor for
what he really is. I emphatically disagree, should Governor Corbett succeed it will be one more alleged freedom abolished, one more step in the dismantling of the Constitution. We have already lost Habeus Corpus. We have lost the right to peacefully assemble and through the surveillance of the NSA we have lost the right to privacy. If Governor Corbett can muzzle Mumia Abu Jamal today, tomorrow it might be the NAACP, or the ACLU or even you or me. I appeal to the African-American community of Pennsylvania as well as all freedom loving people everywhere to vigorously oppose Governor Corbett's proposed act of repression. 

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