Monday, October 06, 2014

Mike Brown Demonstration delays St. Louis Symphony Ochestra.

 by Claude Chaney

     Demonstrators disrupted a performance of the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra in remembrance of African-American teenager who was unarmed when shot by a white Ferguson police officer. Since this incident there have been at least three other assaults of whites on blacks in Ohio, Utah and South Carolina, of the three only the South Carolina incident didn't result in death.
     In Staten Island a policeman used an illegal choke hold killing a black man whose alleged crime was selling illegal cigarettes. I don't know if these types of crimes have been going on repeatedly under the
radar of media scrutiny, or if the situation is even worse, but is getting exposure since the advent of the camera cell phone. The 22 year old African-American man was just looking at a gun in an Ohio Wal-mart, when a white employee called police and told them that a black man was waving a gun around the store threatening customers.Other witnesses claim this was not the case. A Michael Moore movie showed how easy it busy to buy a gun in Texas Wal-Marts with minimal background checks or no background check at all. Whites enter and leave that particular Texas Wal-Mart with REAL loaded guns and they have no problem at all. In this case the police entered and immediately killed the young man. Similar cases in Florida and Michigan have resulted in convictions, but these may just be aberrations.  Guns should be federal, and uniform in all fifty states. ALEC, the NRA and like minded organizations are at the root of this crisis and unless we, the American people take action this problem will get worse before it gets better.


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