Saturday, October 04, 2014

ALEC Must go

     The blatantly partisan right-wing organization is being exposed by Color Of Change, as a result many multinational corporations like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Intuit etc. have abandoned what is basically a racist, lunatic operation that writes legislation and gives it to congresspersons to pass. This subverts the legitimate political process. ALEC advocates the destruction of public education and kill at will laws such as "Stand Your Ground" which indirectly resulted in the death of African-American teenager Trayvon Martin.
     Most recently Facebook, Google and Windows have disassociated themselves from ALEC, which is a good thing but The Koch Brothers and Walmart state that they will continue to support ALEC irregardless to what other multi-national companies do. These two giants alone can keep ALEC afloat for some time as long as the general public is kept in the dark about their operations.
      A successful right wing campaign destroyed what could be considered an ALEC counterpart ACORN, whose primary goal was to register black, brown and poor people of any ethnicity to vote. Million of US citizens are now ready willing and able to return the favor, but in order to do so the people must be aware of ALEC and it's racist right wing agenda.
     In spite of the fact that many large corporations have abandoned ALEC there are still those who continue to stay on board. I for one am not so naive to think that the companies who left ALEC did so out of a concern for the environment of the kindness of their hearts. They left because they feared they would lose money. 
     ALEC has considerable support from major media (although it is covert for obvious reasons). This blog has declared itself a sworn enemy of ALEC and will do anything reasonable to hasten it's demise, working in conjunction with Color Of Change, People For The American Way, Emily's List and like minded organizations.

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