Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Republicans determined to turn the clock back to the times of the robber barons

by Claude Chaney 

  Today's Republican party seems determined to return to the days of the robber barons when
billionaires determined labor policies without challenges. Today's conservatives have made
many gains at the expense of the middle class. This is a middle class that is for the most part
clueless about what is happening. This is by design. Fox News, The Washington Times and many other media entities have captured the eyes and the ears of a frightened citizenry. The sleeping giant
recently has shown some signs of waking up but it may already be too late.
   Fox News has a commanding lead in the Cable News sweepstakes. This is a network that has
fired employees who told the truth, and the law has supported it. The average Fox viewer doesn't have a grasp for reality. These are people who believe President Obama wasn't born in the United States, that Saddam Heussein had weapons of mass destruction and that there was a cover-up of the facts of the invasion of Benghazi. Dick Armey has created a conservative army of the tragically mis-
informed and as Republicans do so well convince people to vote against their own interests. This
is the present day Tea-Party, most of which are not wealthy but still has cast their political lot with
the Heritage Foundation, The Cato Institute, Americans For Prosperity and the extremely dangerous
American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). I once heard a tea party member make the
utterly ridiculous statement "I don't want the government's hands on my Social Security check" (when the check comes from the government).
   Former presidential aspirant Rick Santorum criticized President Obama when he said "I would
like "every" child to grow up and go to college". Santorum thought that this statement was
"elitest", as if wanting an education was something bad. These conservatives have no concern for
the well being of  "all" the citizens of the United States. Their concerns are only for themselves, which is why they are so adamantly against health care, education accessibility for all, social security and anything that would remotely benefit the middle class or the poor. At the same time
conservative CEOs are moving their companies overseas to take advantage of cheap labor and
putting their earnings overseas to avoid paying taxes. This has resulted in large corporations like
Exxon-Mobile paying absolutely NOTHING in taxes while the middle income US citizen has seen
his or her taxes skyrocket. It has been said that the United States has the ability to destroy the planet
Earth eighteen times, yet these conservatives still are asking for more money for the military. Mitt
Romney as a presidential candidate advocated adding two billion dollars to the military budget.
    The conservatives don't want us to know what is in our food, condemning warning the public
of GMOs. They have also begun to turn the clock back when it comes to civil rights. Over 40,000 names were removed from voting lists in North Carolina....and as of yet, nothing has been done
about it. 30 states have enacted laws that will curtail voting activity of blacks, latinos,students, the
elderly, Native Americans and Eskimos with the endorsement of the Supreme Court.
    Walmart has made a fortune by paying their employees subpar wages and forcing the rest of
us to pay for their medical bills when they go to the emergency rooms and we have to pay for them
with our tax dollars. When I discuss this with most people I constantly get the response "Oh no,
they wouldn't do that" well they "are" doing it. Democracy is slowly but surely turning into
fascism. The bulk of the American people are totally clueless about what is happening today, but for those of us who know the time has come to fight back in a battle we are already losing. We have to
know the intentionally faceless architects of suppression. Here are just a few.......Art Pope, The Koch Brothers, Matt Drudge, Mort Zuckerman, Bernard Marcus, Joe Ricketts, Kenneth Langone, B. Wayne Hughes, Harrold Simmons, Sheldon Adelson, Steven Schwarzman, Donald Trum, Leon Cooperman, Steve Wynn, David Siegel, Jackie Siegel. Of course there are many many more but both time and space are limited.

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