Monday, February 03, 2014

Media Matters declares victory in war against FOX

   Recently Media Matters declared victory over Fox News. The battle began when Media Matters saw the danger of Fox promoting itself as "Fair and Balanced" This catch phrase developed into
the Fox mantra. At first most people believed Fox News was fair and balanced because they kept hearing it on........Fox News. The truth is that Fox is extremely opinionated towards the right and any semblance of "balance' is extremely rare. This becomes a serious problem for presenting the truth because Fox is the highest rated cable network and its viewers have developed a reputation for being notoriously misinformed.
   Media Matters was tenacious in going after those Fox pundits who they felt deliberately misinformed the viewers. The Media Matters campaign has proved to be so highly successful that
most Americans now believe that Fox is anything but fair and balanced, and as a result Media Matters declares the war on Fox is officially over because the vast majority of Americans now see
the network as GOPTV.
   In this video we see five reasons for the Media Matters victory.

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