Thursday, January 16, 2014

More NJ Democratic mayors hassled by Christie adminstration because they supported Democrat Barbara Buono

    I would like to give Gov. Chris Christie the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the "Bridgegate" scandal, but as time goes by it seems even more unlikely that he is as innocent as he claims. Mainstream media has given the governor high marks for his press conferences in which he claims
that he was blindsided by the totally unexpected misdeeds of his trusted staff.
   There are now even more revelations that indicate that there is a possibility the Governor may have
been involved because of e-mails that involved staff members Bridget Ann Kelley and David Wildstein which included statements like "Time for some problems in Fort Lee" and the response
"Got it". There is also another at this time unidentified person who also makes statements in this
conversation. This person may or may not be the governor.
    The Christie administration is being accused of deliberately punishing Democratic Fort Lee Mayor Sokolich because he refused to support Christie's gubernatorial campaign. By closing two vital lanes of the George Washington Bridge Christie would also embarrass Mayor Sokolich by making his support of a plan to build two high rises, unlikely for potential occupants who will work in New York City, and will need convenient access to the bridge. To add ethnic insult to injury Wildstein referred to Sokolich as that "little Serbian". When refering to Sokolich's concern about children not being on time for school because of the lane closures Wildstein allegedly said "These are the children of Buono voters". Sokolich on tv interviews appears very reserved to point of actually being overly polite, while discussing Christie and his aides, but this is where he drew the line by saying Wildstein deserves a good "asskicking". Sokolich is not of Serbian dessent, he is of Croation dessent. What does ethnicity have to do with this issue anyway?
     Mayor Sokolich was not the only alleged victim of the Christie retribution. Jersey City Mayor
Steven Fulop was another Democrat who did not support Christie during the race for governor.
Fulop paid the price.....all scheduled meetings with the state commissioners with regard to
matters concerning Jersey City were abruptly cancelled.
    Another Democratic victim of this attack was the mayor of Hoboken, the third largest city in the state of New Jersey, Dawn Zimmer, who as a result of Hurricane Sandy damage requested 100 million dollars in rescue aid, but only received $300.000. Keep in mind 80% of the states' third largest city was covered by water and the state is not even given half a million in rescue aid. It is ver hard to believe that Governor Christie knew abolutely nothing about these horrid events. If he did know he should have done something about it. If he didn't know then he is inept. Either was he is responsible.  In spite of the overwhelming evidence that is building against him Christie may triumph in the end. One thing 2013 has taught us is that the just conviction is very elusive when you think about the "Affluenza" case in which a teenager got away with murder, or especially the Travon Martin case. In time we will see.
    There is a huge amount of blame to be put on Democrats as well. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono was only able to get meager $300 campaign contributions because many Democrats were afraid that giving anything more would upset Governor Christie. If this is true the governor IS a bully and the Democrats are cowards.