Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Whole Foods Market.....making the right move at the right time

      by Claude Chaney  

         I am usually very critical of US corporations because of their greed and their insensitivity towards the environment and the common man as well as their parasitic outlook on practically everything, so when I see a
US corporation promoting the public well being I feel they must be commended.
            There are very very few corporations that fit this mold. I have previously written about BMW (Bavarian Motor Works), and their program for inner city youth that results in full time employment with BMW upon satisfactorily completing the program, but BMW is not a US company, its German.
            Whole Foods Inc., is a US corporation that is a high end grocery chain that specializes in organic and pesticide-free nourishment. Whole Foods set up shop in a place where even moderately priced grocery franchises would not dare to go.......Detroit, Michigan. Before Whole Foods there were no grocery chains in Detroit, if fact most industry insiders felt the move to Detroit would be in a business sense suicidal.Well, Whole Foods is getting the last laugh.......because it's making a profit.

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