Friday, November 15, 2013

Clear Channel Cancels Randi Rhodes Show

 by Claude Chaney  

 The popular progressive radio program "The Randi Rhodes Show" has been cancelled by Mitt Romney's Bane Capital that owns near monopoly Clear Channel. Over the past year there has been a successful campaign to remove all those with a progressive perspective from "free" radio. It seems odd that with all the adverse publicity (not to mention low ratings) of the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity Shows they continue unabashed. Revelations from Edward Snowden have made practically all progressive journalists in the United States fearful for their jobs and they have begun to self sensor themselves.
   Nothing or close to nothing has been said about this phenomenon. (I suggest that if you want to know more please read the 11/15/03 edition of Brad Blog). This means the next year, a crucial election year the US public will be exposed to an exclusively right wing perspective on "free"and it appears to me that this was all done by design. About three or four years ago "Air America" went off the air, earlier this year "Current" was eliminated from cable. The Pacifica anchor station WBAI had to lay off its paid staff in order to survive because of the effects of Hurricane Sandy. 
    In general the very malleable US radio and TV audience believes what it sees on television and hears on radio. If they are exposed to only one perspective in general that is what they will believe. The Fox "so called" News cable network still has the lion's share of cable news ratings. This network is notorious for "bending" the truth and has fired "news" correspondents for telling the truth. When you keep in mind the efforts to curtail internet access that is going completely under the radar of the mainstream media there is definitely cause for concern. Issues that will affect huge numbers of US citizens like the XL pipeline and 
Trans Pacific Partnership are conspicuously absent from mainstream news....this is no accident. Democracy as we know in the United States is slowly being eradicated.....and the general public is for the most part unaware.    

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