Thursday, July 04, 2013

Reflections on July 4, 2013

     Tonight on television and radio and other varied forms of media everyone is extolling the virtues of Freedom in United States. Yes the United States is a great nation that has opened its doors to give
opportunity to millions, yet I find myself concerned about the creeping fascism that threatens Freedom. 
     A generally apolitical public continues to look the other way when it comes to our ever decreasing
civil rights. One man, Anton Scalia was able to nullify the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with the endorsement of a do nothing, say nothing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who looks like me. Scalia's reasoning 
would be comical if it weren't so heartbreakingly sad. According to Mr. Scalia the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives continue to vote for the Civil Rights legislation because if they don't
they will be afraid of being seen as "racists". It is indeed amazing how Mr. Scalia is able to read the minds of
hundreds of legislators and tell us exactly what they are thinking. 
     ACORN, a political organization whose function was to increase participation of minority communities in 
the electoral process was attacked and dismantled. ALEC, a political organization that vigorously creates
blatantly right wing legislation (in several cases given to congresspersons without these congresspersons 
even reading it) is supported or at least tolerated by both houses and both major political parties. The
outrageous "Stand Your Ground" law,an ALEC sponsored piece of legislation  is responsible for the death of Trayvon Martin, an African-American teen stalked by a white vigilante George Zimmerman. Under "normal" circumstances thus far one could surmise based on Mr. Zimmerman's testimony that he is headed for conviction.......
                                    1) Mr. Zimmerman claimed the teen-aged Martin pummeled his head against 
                                        the concrete, but a medical examiner stated that this was not the case because
                                        "ALL"  of Mr. Zimmerman's wounds were described as minor and superficial. 
                                    2) Mr. Zimmerman claimed that he saw Trayvon Martin hiding in the bushes, but 
                                        the prosecution showed that there were not bushes, just slight vegetation.
                                    3) Mr. Zimmerman claimed Trayvon Martin fought with him, trying to take away 
                                        his gun, but the prosecution was able to prove that there was no evidence of
                                        Martin's DNA on the gun. 
                                    4) Mr. Zimmerman claimed on the Sean Hannity Show that he never took a 
                                        '"Stand Your Ground" class, but the teacher of that class said that no only 
                                       did he take the class: he received an "A"
       Because of these statements under "normal" circumstances one would conclude that things aren't 
going too well for Mr. Zimmerman and that it looks like he will be convicted of second degree murder.
It would be a mistake at this time to come to that conclusion when you consider the case of Oscar Grant,
another young African-American killed by a white BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Police Officer.
                                    1) Oscar Grant was handcuffed with arms behind his back.
                                    2) Several witnesses saw the officer shot and kill Oscar Grant, some of them
                                        even took pictures with their cell phones. 
                                    3) It has been alleged that the officer in question received an 18 month sentence.
      A denial of the obvious could happen in the Trayvon Martin case just as it did in the Oscar Grant 
case. The media is filled with stories of people who say that the prosecution in the George Zimmerman 
case did not present strong convincing arguments when that is EXACTLY what the prosecution did. 
     The media also floods the press and the airwaves with predictions of violence from the black community if George Zimmerman evades prosecution. 
                                   The outrageously expensive and ineffective war on drugs has proven to really be
a war on African-American and Latino youth. Minority youth are spending many years of incarceration for marijuana, a drug that has just become practically legal in Colorado and Washington, yet
in states like New York the heinous and ineffective "Stop and Frisk" still exists and even some mayoral candidates are saying it has to be revised not eradicated.
                                  It is now virtually impossible to sue major corporations for wrong doing. In several
states Wal-Mart managers are eligible for food stamps. Because Wal-Mart doesn't provide adequate health care to their employees the rest of us have to pay for them. These issues just scratch the surface for why I am seriously concerned about the citizens of the United States. Dwight Eisenhower warned us about the military industrial complex. What he said then is coming to pass now and the tragedy is the most US citizens don't even have a clue.  As songwriter Laura Nyro once wrote in one of her songs the time has come to SAVE THE COUNTRY.

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