Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Republican Collapse of 2012

by Claude Chaney

    Following President Obama's 2008 victory Mitch McConnell, Newt Gingrich, Frank Luntz, Darrell Issa and few others had a meeting in which they dedicated themselves to making sure that Barack Obama was a ONE term president. They convinced a solid majority to obstruct any legislative initiative brought forth by this newly elected president. As a result President Obama was not even able to fill positions because these obstructionists rejected every candidate he proposed. These intensely selfish individuals put their own interests ahead of the country. The Republican Party and it's Tea Party affiliates became the big losers in the 2012 Presidential elections in part because of the pledge taken by McConnell, Gingrich et. al.
    96% of the African-American vote went to Obama. 73% of the Asian vote went to Obama. 71% of the Hispanic vote went to Obama. 53% of the Women's vote went to Obama. Tea Party Republican darling Allen West lost. The number of DINOS (Democrats in name only) diminished while the number of "progressive" Democrats increased. Baldwin won in Wisconsin, Brown won in Ohio, Warren won in Massachusetts. Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney lost in places that were his former places of residence like Michigan and Massachusetts. Mr. Romney could only muster 206 electoral votes. The Black voter disenfranchisement organization "True The Vote" threatened to send a million of their people to challenge black by disrupting and delayed the voting process. Karl Rove and The Koch Brothers big money campaign that worked so well for Scott Walker during the Wisconcin recall vote did nothing at all to benefit Romney and the Republicans.
30 states passed legislation that would hinder the voting process for Hispanics, African-Americans,
students, immigrants and the elderly. Every effort made by Florida Governor Rick Scott to keep
groups of likely Republican voters failed. In the end the black vote was crucial in making Florida
the only southern state to go for Obama.
     Democrats won and the won big. Now they have to act like winners, let the Bush Tax cuts expire
dismantle Citizens United and increase taxes on the rich so that they can pay their fair share. It
appears as if slowly the surely the masses are waking up....."Trickle down doesn't work" "Mr. Romney has a problem telling the truth. Here are just a few of his lies that will never be forgotten.
                                       1. President Obama deliberately tried to stop members of the US armed
                                           forces from voting.
                                       2. President Obama let 14 days pass before he called the Benghazi attack
                                           an act of terror.
                                       3. President Obama took $700.000.000 from Social Security.
     What reminds to be seen is how Democrats handle their victory. The 2010 election showed us
what happens when Democrats are not vigilant. If this happens again the Tea Party could make
a triumphant return in 2016. For the time being it's really good to see people like Karl Rove at
a loss for words in explaining the great Republican collapse of 2012

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