Sunday, May 27, 2012

Amazon drops ALEC

by Claude Chaney
   With over 50,000 signatures demanding that Amazon abandon the illegally influential right wing
lobbying group and demonstrations at company headquarters Amazon has decided that ALEC has
become more of a liability than an asset and will no longer offer financial assistance.
    This is another large corporation that has supported the right wing think tank responsible
for the notorious "Stand Your Ground" law that protected accused murderer George Zimmerman,
who claimed self defense when a bullet from his gun led to the death of seventeen year old
Trayvon Martin. Allegedly this somewhat clandestine organization has also sponsored legislation
that disenfranchised participation of African-Americans, Hispanics, the elderly and college students
in the upcoming national elections.
    These developments have been under reported or not mentioned at all in the mainstream media
leading many people to believe there has been collusion between mainstream media and ALEC.

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