Wednesday, April 11, 2012

U.S House Members Call for Investigation of Dirty Tricks, 'Fraud'' and "Forgery" plot by the US Chamber of Commerce

       On Monday, February 28, 2011, 20 House Members called for a full scale investigation into the recently exposed $12 million dirty tricks campaign against and other progressive organizations, solicited and created by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's law firm, Hunton & Williams, and three military/intelligence security firms. Read the full letter here.This scandal has received a great deal of press this week, including in Salon and the Washington Post.

      Brad Friedman, co-founder of VR, was among those specifically targeted by the Chamber plot, and wrote about the latest attempt at accountability at
“We are deeply concerned by evidence that intelligence contractors may have engaged in a criminal conspiracy to target American citizens on behalf of powerful corporate interests,” wrote Johnson in a letter signed by more than a dozen Democratic members of the U.S. House. “We believe a full Congressional investigation is warranted to determine whether laws were broken and whether existing laws are sufficient to protect Americans from high-tech dirty tricks.”
      The letter goes on to describe the "deeply troubling" plan to use "tactics developed for use against terrorists [that] may have been unleashed against American citizens."
Last week we filed a D.C. Bar complaint against the three Hunton & Williams attorneys for participating in the dirty tricks campaign to use fraud and forgery in hopes of smearing and discrediting VR and other groups who have taken on the Chamber's mafia-like tactics head on. This week we filed document hold requests letting the Chamber plotters know that we anticipate litigation so they should retain all relevant documents in their possession. Additionally, yesterday we released a new video about this on YouTube.
This a developing story that we need to keep on the front burner. But we need your help to do so!

The Chamber was planning to spend as much as $12 million in their attack on us, so we need your help to fight back!

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