Saturday, March 31, 2012

George Zimmerman appears to be a liar who thinks the people are fools

by Claude Chaney

           The travesty of justice evidenced by the Trayvon Martin case is astounding. Alleged murderer George Zimmerman's defenders must think the public is stupid. Zimmerman claims he feared for his life when 1) He has the gun Trayvon Martin doesn't. 2) He is a 250lb adult male. Trayvon Martin was a 140lb adolescent. 3) During Trayvon Martin's last telephone call to his girfriend he stated someone was following him. 4) George Zimmerman claims his nose was bloodied and he wrestled with Martin in the grass, but when a video was taken of Zimmerman when he entered the police station there were no grass stains and no sign of a bloody nose. 5) Prior to the incident the police specifically told Zimmerman NOT to follow Trayvon Martin, yet he did so anyway. In spite of these facts George Zimmerman is a free man under the "Hold Your Ground" law that Florida and at least ten other states have. This case has the potential to damage the already fragile race relations in the United States at a time when a Black man is in the White House. The inaction of the police is encouraging other George Zimmermans to do similar heinous acts without fear of retribution. It is also setting the stage for vigilanteism. The black community of the United States has had to endure the decapitation of a black man in Texas, racist stop and frisk policies in New York City, where an innocent man Sean Bell was killed by the police just prior to his wedding day and Oscar Grant was shot to death by a white policeman when he was handcuffed. As if these incidents aren't humiliating enough John White, an African American father from Long Island had three white men demand that his son go outside for a possible physical confrontation. White in defense of his family was forced to kill one of the three trespassers with an unlicensed gun. He was immediately arrested and given a two to three year jail sentence. The governor at the time was another African-American, David Paterson who pardoned White. Because of the frequency of these incidents it is unreasonable to think that the Black community will not react. If the justice system continues to give the impression that their safety is somehow deemed insignificant. It is already alleged that the Black Panther Party has a bounty on George Zimmerman. The Attorney General Eric Holder has been slow to react on issues relevant to the black community but is very quick to rise to the defense of big corporations. Thirty states have passed
legislation that disenfranchises minorities, the elderly and college students and Holder has paid only lip-service but no concrete action.
     The tragedies of Travon Martin, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Troy Davis, Clifford Glover and others going all the way back to Emmet Till will be remembered with vitriol and with each new obimination there will be new vigilanteism. Every effort must be made to assure all U.S. citizens regardless of race, religion or sexual preference that the laws of this country are applied equally to all.

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