Saturday, March 05, 2011

Support PFAW's Petition Campaign to Remove Wisconsin Republicans

by Claude Chaney

There should be no doubt that Wisconsin is ground zero in the US class war. The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer and the middle class is becoming jobless. While many of us among the middle class have become too complacent and trusting of those who have robbed us blind, others are ready to do battle in Wisconsin, in Indiana, in Ohio, in New Jersey and in the rest of the United States. The major task at hand is to get the word out. We cannot and will not trust the mainstream media to tell us the truth about ANYTHING remotely political when it comes to the middle class. When I say "mainstream media" I mean ALL of them, not just FOX. When over 100,000 union workers and their families were in and around the Wisconsin State Capitol, NBC, ABC and CBS all had conservative guests comment on the situation on their Sunday talk shows.
FOX continues to be outlandish. When one of their huge strapping commentators entered the Wisconsin State Capitol, he was immediately greeted with the chant "FOX LIES, FOX LIES". This commentator and Geraldo Rivera tell the audience that this is an example of the hatred and intolerence of another point of view present among the demonstrators. Have you ever heard a guest of Sean Hannity or Bill O'reilly attempt to present another point of view on their shows? Usually they are not permitted to get a word in edgewise and in many cases there are at least two or three consevative guests to the one progressive guest. I am not aware of anything FOX said about the female Move.on representative who entered a conservative function who was attacked and even kicked by males. This is just another example of how FOX is so "UNfair and UNbalanced". When the Tea Party manages to get 5,000 people at any event there is immediate coverage, but when the unions mass tens of thousands in Wisconsin or Ohio you get late or little or no coverage at all. There was no attention given to the Wisconsin demonstrations until the sixth day of it existence and even then it was by the Associated Press.
The Republican/Tea Party coalition may have some minor disagreements among themselves but they are both very determined to DESTROY the middle class. They have diverted the blame from the financial crisis from Wall Street (where is rightfully belongs to public sector workers). Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker gave millions of dollars of tax breaks to corporations: that is why there is a problem with revenue. Chris Christie ended the millionaire's tax in New Jersey as well as rejecting a federal project that would have provided 6,000 needed construction jobs to the residents of New Jersey;: that is why there is a problem with revenue.
People For The American Way is starting a petition to expediate the removal of the Wisconsin Republicans who support Governor Scott Walker's war on the middle class of that state. I wholeheartedly suggest that YOU follow my example and support this campaign with your dollars. You may not live in Wisconsin, but the same elements determined to destroy the middle class in Wisconsin are trying to do the same thing in your state if YOU let them. An attack on a union member anywhere is an attack on a union member everywhere. Please read about the PFAW petition......

In a move that many are contending is in direct violation of the state constitution and a departure from normal Senate rules, Republicans in the Wisconsin State Senate yesterday approved an order for the state's police to detain the Senate Democrats, who have left the state to block Gov. Scott Walker's attack on the middle class and workers' rights, and bring them to the Senate chambers. Gov. Walker also threatened that he would start sending layoff notices today to state workers.

Now they're running roughshod over state law and the rules of their own chamber ... and Gov. Walker has gone from simply acting like a dictator to acting like a hostage taker, with state jobs as his hostages. Unwilling to even consider compromise on his proposal to gut workers' fundamental rights, he is now threatening to start eliminating those state jobs if he doesn't get his way.

Perhaps the most outrageous part is that the layoffs are completely unnecessary to address the state's budget problems ... the same way his plan to destroy collective bargaining for public employees and make the middle class bear the entire economic sacrifice in fixing the state's budget is completely unnecessary.

If you're like me, you are wishing more than anything right now that Gov. Walker was eligible for recall this year -- especially since polling shows he would lose in an election between him and his 2010 gubernatorial opponent. Unfortunately, he can't be recalled until 2012, but eight of the Republican Senators backing his extreme power grab are eligible to be recalled now, including:

Randy Hopper, who won his last election by just 184 votes ...

Alberta Darling, who won her race by just over 1,000 ...

And Glenn Grothman, who on MSNBC's The Last Word, called protesters at the Wisconsin state capitol "slobs," and insisted that they were just a bunch of "college students having a fun party."

Here's what you can do today:

1. If you have not already done so, sign our petition indicating your support for the recall effort now underway in Wisconsin. If you have signed, make sure to spread the word! Share on Facebook and ask others to visit

2. If you live in or near Wisconsin, you can start volunteering to help gather recall petition signatures. We have 60 days to get enough signatures to hold recall elections and our friends at the SEIU will be sending out a sizable wave of canvassers this weekend to get us off to a good start. Sign up here:

3. If you know ANYONE in Wisconsin, please call or email them as soon as you can and urge them to support the recall effort.

4. Make a contribution to PFAW's work on the recall campaign.

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