Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Obama far

by Claude Chaney
I voted for Barack Obama for president and if a new presidential election were held today with the same candidates I would still vote for Barack Obama. There is still an Obama sticker on my car. I believe that in his heart he is a good man, but I also believe that he is the best choice that we will be given. The media is leading us to believe that Obama's precipitious fall in popularity is due to his stand on health care. The truth is that he has abandoned many of the issues that he championed during his campaign. Guantanamo is still operational, in fact to my understanding there are even more prisoners there. We have more mercenaries (a.k.a. contractors) working abroad now than we had during the George W. Bush era. President Obama did not end US troop presence in Iraq, of course we have fewer troops but the US presence is still there. Several of the onorous Bush policies like unwarranted surveillance and rendition still exist. The Afghanistan war is not going well for the United States and President Obama is now seriously considering escalation. I can't help but draw parallels between Barack Obama and Lyndon Johnson, who also was a good man. President Johnson did more to advance the cause of civil rights than any other president in United States history, yet it was his support for the Viet-Nam war that brought him down. It seems as if Barack Obama is following the same tragic path. President Obama has done nothing to punish the scoundrels of the preceding administration and he always seems to be bending over backwards to get Republican approval for his policies. These actions do not endear him to the masses of people who elected him. Progressives are starting to ask questions because of his contradictory actions compared to campaign promises. This is the REAL reason for the decline in popularity. President Zelaya, the choice of the people of Honduras was unceremoniously removed from office. The Obama Administration voiced tepid disapproval at first but now seems to enthusiastically support the dictator Micheletti. In spite of these totally justifiable complaints President Obama has done several good things while in office, first and foremost is the selection of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. Our courts are filled with right wing judges at all levels thanks to George W. Bush if McCain or a McCainlike candidate were elected civil rights gains and the right of a woman to choose to have an abortion would be gone.
Unfortunately there is a lot that goes on concerning the running of these United States that we don't know about. I am certain that President Obama is on the receiving end of enormous pressure from those who REALLY run this country (and its NOT the "people").
The bulk of the financial support for the Obama presidency came from the banks, not from the "people" in spite of the fact that President Obama had tremendous grassroots support. That is why the banks received billions of our tax dollars yet at the same time are reluctant to give loans or diminish the exorbitant salaries of their CEOs. Once elected you have to do the will of those who sent you to the presidency, no ifs, ands or buts. Please listen carefully to the comments of BC's Glen Ford.

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