Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy (1932 - 2009)

The loss of the third longest serving member of the Senate, Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts is a painful loss for liberals everywhere. Kennedy was in the middle of all progressive legislation for the past four decades. Just the loss of his seniority alone weakens the stature of Democrats in the Senate. It is believed that
Rose Kennedy told all of her children that since they were blessed it is their responsibility to do what they can to help others in accordance with a dictate from
the Bible (St. Luke). Ted Kennedy showed his belief in this concept by his actions, a leader in the battle of civil rights, gay rights and the right of the handicapped.
Ted Kennedy could have been president were it not for the Chappaquidic incident in which a supporter Mary Jo Kopeckni drowned in his car. Although this incident cost him his marriage as well as the presidency the voters of Massachusetts continued to return him to the Senate in increasingly large numbers.
It will take at least five months to find a replacement for Ted Kennedy, giving the Republicans another golden opportunity because now once again the philibuster becomes their potent weapon.
Ted Kennedy made universal health care his life's work, being one of it's earliest advocates going as far back as 1978 when he mentioned his broken back, the painful last days of his father and the debilitated state of his sister. He said that his family was able of weather these storms but if any of these catasthrophes had happened to the average American they would have gone bankrupt.
Those of us who feel that we deserve universal comprehensive health care should be inspired by Ted Kennedy's example. The time has come to get up off your duff and do something. So often liberals and/or progressives feel that just because they are right they will win. In this world being right means absolutely nothing, when you have a media that is more than willing to present the opposite perspective to the people in an ever expanding variety of soundbites. Let's get Healthcare for ALL! Do it for your families and DO IT FOR TED!

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