Thursday, August 13, 2009 remains positive on health care (1)

by Claude Chaney

It is now common knowledge that the rowdy mobs that are appearing at town hall meetings are bought and paid for by the insurance industry. We are not hearing that story being told on mainstream media. These manipulative vultures have convinced large numbers of senior citizens that President Obama is going to put them on death
panels and that their health care dollars will be given to younger people and they will die. In most other countries if you said that to someone you would probably get laughed at, not here. Many Americans have become so indoctrinated by right wing scare tactics that they seem incapable of thinking for themselves. Rightwingers also
told gunowners that the President was going to take their guns away and this lead to unprecedented gun sales in the south. The lie has become a very potent weapon for these conservatives and unfortunately most Americans still don't realize it.
Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck is responsable for spreading this fear. He
calls the President a racist without on scintilla of evidence, not giving his veiwers one example to verify his claim. I am pleased that an organized effort is already underway to contact Glenn Beck's sponsors and find out if they endorse this
ominous deception. Two of the sponsors we can start with are Wal-Mart and Travelocity. Progressives are far too polite, because many of them think that you can reason with the Rush Limbaughs of the country. You can not be "nice" or "rational" with these people. You have to be strong and if necessary get in their face and if they are loud, you be louder. The time has come for a massive March on Washington to raise awareness for the public option and then the single payer. Many of us make the mistake of laughing at those poor manipulated people who follow the likes of Beck and Limbaugh. Two people who make millions, yet most of their followers are people who don't have adequate healthcare themselves. There is nothing more pathetic than a person who heads a family earning $13,000 a year talking about being conservative and voting Republican. The right has been very successful in convincing low to moderate income people to vote against their own interests.
Once again is taking the initiative. Please read the article that follows this one and conduct yourselves accordingly.

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