Thursday, January 08, 2009

2008 The Year In Review (Politics)

The Bush Administration will always be remembered for its campaign against terrorism. We must have heard the phrase "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" a million times or more. It appears as if we actually do have a problem with weapons of mass destruction, but it doesn't come from Iraq, it comes from right here in the good old USA. McDonald-Douglas and Boeing have created the most devastating weapons ever and most US citizens don't know anything about them. Illegal White phospherous bombs penetrate flesh straight to the bone. Water and Oxgyen only enhance the destruction of these merciless weapons which may be used by Israeli forces in Gaza due to the unusually high numbers of amputations reported. There are also deadly Tungsten weapons designed to kill huge numbers of people quickly. Polls indicate that a majority of the Israeli people do NOT approve of the carnage perpetrated by the Israeli government, but they are helpless in their attempts to stop it.
In 2008 we were able to see the bloodlust of our own government with the events of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo yet the Bush Administration points a finger at Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Our hypocrisy knows no bounds. Technological advances have been made in crowd control to the extent that massive demonstrations are no longer a concern for right wing elements within the state and Federal government who have perfected the art of crowd control. With the media barrage of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'reilly, Michelle Malkin and Anne Coulter the US viewing and listening public became overwhelmed with right wing rhetoric. Crucial events continue to remain unreported or underreported. Progressive outlets like "Air America" and "Pacifica" are drowned out by the far right. This resulted in millions of people being uninformed or misinformed. Many of us had to read the Observer or The Guardian to find out what was really happening in the US in 2008. Even after all of this I am still cautiously optimistic. I have nothing but goodwill towards the incoming President Barack Obama. I am glad I voted for him, but I am even happier that so many white people voted for him because it shows that for once "content" triumphed over "race". I did not vote for Obama because he is Black and I am Black. Clarence Thomas, Ward Connerly and
J. Kenneth Blackwell are all political figures of my race. I have an intense dislike for all three of them and their ilk. I wouldn't vote for them to be dogcatchers. My original choice for president was a white man....Dennis Kucinich. When he dropped out of the race he advised his supporters to vote for Obama.
Barack Obama comes into to office with great expectation. At the same time we must be keep in mind that he is only human. No one man can undo the damage George Bush has done to this country. It will take decades to achieve that miracle, but I do believe we will see an end to the Iraq war by 2011 and I also believe (based on his own statements) that Barack Obama is committed to putting people back to work and protecting the middle class. I am not pleased with many of Mr. Obama's cabinent choices and I have to admit that besides Iraq, I really don't see much signicant "change" in foreign policy under an Obama administration. Let's face it, in the past three decades when it comes to foreign policy there's not a dime's worth
of difference between the Democratic and Republican parties. But when we look at the whole picture Barack Obama is a welcomed improvement from George W. Bush. William Rivers Pitt put it best when he accessed the George W. Bush reign of terror by telling Mr. Bush "Something like you must never again be allowed to happen to this country, and if we save ourselves by preventing you from ever happening again, your greatness is assured. You are the tallest of all possible warnings, and a promise all of us must solemnly and stalwartly keep. If we can damn you to the past, we will save our own future.

May you live forever, you son of a bitch."

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