Saturday, January 24, 2009

2008 The Year in Review (Music)

In 2008 the music industry on the whole experienced a noticeable decrease in overall sales. Some artists had tremendous sales but most did not. Retail stores offering CDs have virtually disappeared. Sam Goody is gone, Virgin is gone, Circuit City is gone, Tower Records is disappearing. Barnes & Nobles and to a lesser degree Borders seem to be the only megastores left that actively promote their CD sales. The MP3 is replacing the CD. The record buying public now prefers to purchase its music online for as little as 99 cents per song. I know that there was some beautiful music made in 2008. Unfortunately I wasn't able to hear most of it because I was too busy creating my own (I Will Be Here For You - Claude Chaney & Friends - Chaney3), but I did notice the year's biggest comeback.....Neil Diamond.
The smooth jazz outlets are disappearing with the loss of WJZZ in Philadelphia and WQCD in New York City. Clear Channel moves closer and closer to becoming a media monopoly. They own most of the radio stations and practically all of the outdoor advertisement. In most cases if you don't play ball with Clear Channel you don't play. This is just one more thing for which we can all thank George W. Bush. Minority ownership of radio stations has reached a new low. WCBS-FM returned this year, but not exactly the same as we remember it. The new format only features songs from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

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