Sunday, November 16, 2008

Obama Wins Big!!!

Barack Obama is now President-elect Obama with a larger than expected victory over Arizona senator John McCain. Mr. Obama became the first-ever elected African-American president. Throughout the campaign Mr. Obama never made race an issue and became president primarily because most Americans, black and white felt that he would be best suited to tackle the nation's most serious problem....the economy. Early on the pundits said that he could never carry the south and still win, but he did just that. He didn't win the south but he made serious inroads taking Florida, Viginia and North Carolina. This combined with taking the states with huge electoral votes, New York, California, Illinois made his victory a landslide. Two states that went to Bush in 2004 Indiana and Nevada were in the Obama column in 2008.
The voters judged Obama by the "content of his character and not by the color of his skin." Obama began this campaign in Iowa, a state with a 97% white population. Nationally Obama attracted the same percentage (44%) of white voters that John Kerry
had in 2004. The right wingers threw everything they had a him but nothing stuck (His middle name Hussein means that he is a muslim, he went to school in an anti-American madrassa in Indonesia, he never repudiated the Anti-American remarks of his
pastor of 20 years Jeremy Wright, he "palled around" with a known revolutionary (Ayers) who blew up buildings, he didn't wear an American flag on his lapel) Across the country McCain and Palin tolerated blatantly racist remarks by their supporters at rallies. Finally when McCain did come to Obama's defense he was soundly booed.
President-elect Obama's victory was an historic event and a proud one for the United States because now any black parent can tell his or her child that they can be what they want to be as long as they are willing to work hard for it. You can even be president. McCain in his own words ended his chances of winning this election when he said earlier "I don't know much about the economy" and "I voted with
President Bush 90% of the time"
Obama's election is NOT going to solve ALL of the nation's problems, but at least we can say we believe that we are going in another direction. There has been a rise in Klan membership and skinhead activity. This is something to be expected because whenever there are hard times racism rears its ugly head, but fortunately most of America is behind Mr. Obama and that could make all the difference.

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