Saturday, October 25, 2008

Obama Slams McCain Manager For Saying Issues Don't Matter

Barack Obama has won all three debates because he has addressed the issues. This is something the McCain/Palin team does only when forced to or when it happens to be an issue they support. Since the economy is bad and John McCain said he would stay in Iraq another hundred years in necessary (when the majority of the country is against the war). McCain would rather talk about Joe The Plumber, who in actuality isn't a plumber yet, and how he would be victimized by Obama taxing people who make more than $250.000.00 a year. McCain says at this time no one's taxes should be raised. This is ridiculous. If there are no taxes, who pays for infrastruction, education etc. McCain fails to tell us about the huge number of corporations that don't pay anything at all in taxes. When you can't confront the issues honestly you have no other recourse than to resort to criticizing Rev. Jeremiah Wright (when his associate Rev. John Hagee has said worse than Wright including an obbvious penchant for anti-semitism). How can McCain condemn Ayers for blowing up building when his "good friend" Gordon Liddy had done the same. McCain's campaign director talks about making "personalities" the focus of the campaign instead of "issues" because when it comes to the issues they don't have a leg to stand on

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