Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Threat of Martial Law - Part Two

Greg Palast showed the world how the 2000 and 2004 elections were stolen, mainly due to the chicanery of "caging" against the African-American community. The media underreported or didn't report the activities Katherine Graham, Jeb Bush and J. Kenneth Blackwell. The majority of television viewers across the nation did not see any coverage, so as a result they sincerely believe it didn't happen. Greg Palast also warned that the 2008 presidential campaign will also be stolen, unless there is a landslide Democratic turnout at the polls. Palast states that for all intents and purposes the '08 elections are already stolen. The pundits, regardless of network affilation continue to say "Obama is leading McCain, but by a close margin, 46% to 44%, why is it so close?" More than likely Obama is leading by a wider margin, but network news want to make it close so that when the fix is in, they can always say "McCain won a close race" "We told you it was close all along."
It has always been my belief that this is the scenario for 2008 (See "The Threat of Martial Law" on this site.) As I have said on previous occasions I hope that I am wrong about this one, but I feel that if this rogue element can topple foreign governments, why can't they do it here? The "true" rulers of this country really don't care about what happens to the rest of us. In my view the ones who really rule are the heads of corporate America. They are the ones who buy senators and congresspersons to execute their policy. According to ABC News, the Internal Revenue was "unable' to collect 1.6 billion dollars in tax revenue from these major corporations. CEO's salaries are at an all time high. These people have no sense of true patriotism. They make their money and they send it to a tax shelter haven out of the United States.
So many people tell me that there could NEVER be a coup in the United States because the people would NEVER allow it, to which I respond "Do you really think the leaders of Corporate America give a damn about what people think? They already have their own private armies (I am not even mentioning Blackwater) and the capacity to incarcerate huge numbers of people. Prison construction in the US is also at an all time high and massive incarceration has become a very lucrative business. Under the reign of the infamous Bush administration the oil industry, big pharma and the insurance industry have taken the American people to the cleaners big time. They have a very strong ally..........the apathetic U.S. Citizen, the one who doesn't vote, the one who is willing to do whatever he or she is told by a pastor who has his or her own agenda (which really doesn't adhere to biblical principles), the one whose idea of "news" is invading the private lives of movie stars. These same people are losing their jobs in record numbers and they are losing their sons and daughters in a war that was built on a lie. The trillions that have been spent on the war have put our grandchildren and great grandchildren in debt. This debt is owed primarily to Saudi Arabia and China. Yes, there are some people who are waking up. George W. Bush's popularity is STILL under 30%, but the problem is may be too late.

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