Sunday, June 15, 2008

An Open Letter to Fox News

I am angered by the recent remarks by Fox media pundits. It is one thing to firmly support a point of view, but its totally different to deliberately and vindictively distort the image of a political adversary with total disregard for the truth. As you probably know by now your "racist" comments against Michelle Obama have not gone unnoticed. Besides Ms. Hill's outrageous fist bump comment, Liz Trotter's declaration of wishing Barack Obama dead hasn't gone unnoticed either, nor has Michelle Malkin's racist "Baby Mama" comment. I want you to imagine a national boycott of your sponsors' products by African-Americans. Your sponsors make a significant amount of money from Black America. One major lesson that Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks taught us was that corporate America understands the bottom line. This is why apartheid died in South Africa and segregation on Montgomery busses ended. The Michael Savage show has lost major sponsors due to reaction to several outrageous statements he made. I know that you probably think that you are "immune" but I am sure that you can be shown that you are not. Sure, the political thought of African-Americans is not monolithic, but there are enough of us out there to make a difference. We are not going to be publicly humiliated by racially motivated innuendo. I think a REAL apology is in order.
-Claude Chaney