Friday, May 25, 2007

Democratic Congress Gives Bush a blank check for the Occupation

It seems hard to believe, but the Democrats have once again embarrassed themselves and their constituents by giving George Bush billions of dollars to be squandered on this fruitless illegal occupation. 86 Democrats bowed down to King George and said yes master we will give you everything that you want. We will not permit any time restrictions of withdrawal. The progressive wing of the Democratic party(which also happens to be the majority of the Democratic party) will remember this in November. I just thought it would be different this time with Democrats in the majority of both houses, but this cowardly submission only shows that even with a Democratic majority it is still business as usually. The vast majority of the Democrats of this Congress was elected to put and end to this occupation, yet they have not done so. Money that should go to education, infrastructure, healthcare and natural disasters that happen within the United States (i.e Katrina and the Kansas tornados) will be squandered on death and destruction and more profits for the war profiteers. I am so tired of hearing that lame excuse "We had no choice, if we didn't go along with what the president wanted he would tell the American people that we Democrats don't support the troops" This is not only stupid and cowardly it is also illogical. The overwhelming majority of the people of the United States are opposed to this occupation. Who in his or her right mind would think that "this" administration supports our troops. This president to my knowledge has never attended the funeral of one fallen soldier. This administration sent our troops into illegal combat poorly equipped. This administration has worked feverishly to limit benefits our troops are entitled to. Those coming home injured were not adequately cared for at Walter Reade and other hospital facilities. How can it be said that this president supports our troops when mercenary outfits like Blackwater have contractors do the work of soldiers and get paid thousands of dollars more. There IS money available to give to the troops if Democrats decided to resist Bush. This president is peddling fear by saying "If we don't fight them there we will have to fight them here" That is a LIE! The Viet Nam war ended because Congress decided to end it. We were able to make a safe exit. If that happened in Viet Nam it can happen in Iraq.
"THEY" don't want "US" there! The Iraqi parliment voted for the exit of US troops, that is further evidence that we are "not" welcomed in Iraq as Mr. Bush or Mr. Cheney would have us believe. Democratic leadership MUST be challenged on this issue, which is just as egregious as anything done by Mr. Gonzalez, Mr. Wolfowitz or Mr. Bush. These Democrats have become the co-signers of an illegal aggressive occupation and must be dealt with at the polls.

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