Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Two week suspension of Don Imus insufficient

MSNBC/CBS radio personality Don Imus' two week suspension is tantamount to a slap on the wrist. Mr. Imus is a multi-millionaire. The amount of income lost to him during this two week period is peanuts. Mr. Imus has earned the dubious distinction of being permanently barred from the public airwaves for refering to the Women's basketball team of Rutgers as "nappy headed hos". ESPN fired Rush Limbaugh for making disparaging remarks about Donovan McNabb, the African-American quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. Limbaugh said that McNabb received an abundance of media attention because he was black. This was an obviously racist remark because that year McNabb led his team to the Super Bowl. Any quarterback, regardless of race who gets his team in the Super Bowl would get a lot of media attention. ESPN did the right thing. Mr. Limbaugh for many years has been the darling of right wing radio. In many parts of The United States the mere mention of his name conjures up images of dollar signs to the managers of radio stations, but this did not deter ESPN from taking the high road and firing Limbaugh. Like Limbaugh, Imus also represents big bucks for national radio, but unlike ESPN MSNBC/CBS radio prefers to give Don Imus a slap on the wrist. We are human and we all make mistakes. If this had been the first time that Imus made a racist remark I could probably support a two week suspension, but Mr. Imus as well as his associates Mr. McGuirk and Mr. Rosenberg have a history of making overtly racist remarks......and getting away with it. This has been documented by Media Matters "While purporting to "know" Imus, Oliphant apparently disregarded Imus' history and that of his executive producer, Bernard McGuirk -- as well as frequent guest and former Imus sportscaster Sid Rosenberg -- of making racially insensitive and incendiary remarks, which Media Matters for America has extensively documented." This incident should also be a lesson to the so-called Hip-Hop community. Mr. Imus , no doubt has been exposed to the more violent, mysogenous, anti-intellectual rantings of African-American hip-hop artists who have gone to such extremes as to malign such heroes as the late Rosa Parks. I know of no other ethnic group besides African-Americans who willfully degrade their own people (the frequent use of the "N' word and calling black females 'hos") for the almighty dollar. This by no means is a condemnation of all hip-hop because I have seen some very positive work from artists like Dead Prez and Public Enemy, but these are not the artists that are being promoted. They are not the ones who are making the BIG money. BET, since it's take over by Viacom has been saturated with derogatory videos. As people of African descent in the United States, it is our obligation to demand that people on the PUBLIC airwaves who commit slander like Don Imus be FIRED, no ifs, ands, or buts. Black people who commit similar offenses against other black people should also be dealt THE SAME punishment. Think about it.... Do you hear Jewish people refer to each other as "kikes"? Do you hear people of Italian descent refer to each other as "guineas"? Do you hear Hispanics refer to each other as "spics"? Do you hear Chinese people refer to each other as "chinks"? The answer to all of these questions is a resounding NO. That is because they have a love and respect for their people. Who is the beneficiary of this black on black degradation? ....besides the modern day minstrel who will do anything to get the "bling " there is also the conservative white owned and operated media empire "Clear Channel", that owns the vast majority of the profitable hip-hop outlets across this country. Payola is rampant in today's music industry, such negative videos and recordings can be "seen" or "heard" 3 or 4 times in just one hour. We have to let the broadcast media know we are not going to tolerate this nonsense anymore and there is no one better to start with than Don Imus.

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