Friday, January 19, 2007

William Pepper: "Dr Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated by U.S. government"

In his newly released book "An Act Of State" Willam Pepper, a lawyer from England states that civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered as part of plot authored by The FBI, under the leadership of J. Edgar Hoover, organized crime figures from New Orleans and Memphis and Lloyd Jowers, who Pepper identifies as the actual triggerman. Pepper has made an "unimpeachable" exhaustive 39 year study that proves his thesis beyond a doubt. Pepper represented the King family in court where a verdict of "unlawful death" was concluded. This heinous act included the collusion of US media and local law enforcement within the city of Memphis. James Earl Ray, who we were lead to believe was the assassin always proclaimed his innocence up until the day of his death. Ray initally asked Pepper to represent him in court. Pepper declined to do so until he was absolutely convinced that Ray played not even a minor role in the murder of Dr. King. In a short while Pepper concluded that Ray was indeed an innocent pawn in a government sponsored assassination. In addition to being a brilliant speaker, King was a master organizer who was putting the same relentless energy behind the Poor People's march and opposition to the Viet Nam war as he put behind the March On Washington. What will the history books say of this event? .....more than likely nothing. Those who know the truth will once again be called "Conspiracy Theorists", but this time it is not a theory. Pepper has given us the undisputed truth. It is our responsiblility to tell our children and our children's children the truth about the deaths of both Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, both victims of state sponsored racist terrorism. This is precisely why words like "freedom" and "liberty" mean nothing when they come (or came) out of the mouths of establishment warmongers like George W. Bush and the late, not so great J. Edgar Hoover. Like minded people were responsible for the New Orleans disaster. Could they also have played a role in the deaths of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Paul Wellstone? It is not so farfetched after all.

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