Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Hope In Every Season

The year has gone, its ashes cold and blown away
A year of desperation, a year when all men cried
A year of tribulation, a year when no one tried
To hear the voices of the young men just outside the door
Crying for the stolen childhood vanished in some war
Tired and poor and hungry they ask this and nothing more today
Let every season of next year bring hope our way
As winter snowfalls fly, and spring brings clear pure rain
And summer's bright blue sky, leads into fall again
Let us hold our hands together let us start tonight
Let us work to heal the wounds, let's work to make things right
Build a world where children can grow tall and strong and never fight
Let every season bring us hope and love and light.

Claude Chaney, Margery Hauser, Marilyn Boccadoro
(c) 1984, 2006 Electra-City Music

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