Monday, November 06, 2006

Dems Will Win ONLY If There Is A Fair Election

Until recently the media has been telling us that the Democrats are heavily favored to take back the house and possibly the senate. All of a sudden today, November 6, 2006 they are telling us the Democratic lead is suddenly becoming more and more narrow. Karl Rove continues to say that his polls tell him the Republicans will remain in firm control of both houses of Congress. I may be wrong but the smug way in which he says this (as I have said so many times before )indicates something sinister that he knows and we don't. I know that the do nothing Congress has given George W. Bush the right to declare ANYONE an "enemy combatant" and at the same time new prisons have been built to house thousands of people. This indicates to me that the Bush administration foresees widespread opposition to election results and plan to incarcerate those who oppose its policies. Already people of Mexican descent in Texas have received phone calls and letters telling them that polling places have been changed, when they have not. The same dirty tricks used to steal presidential and gubernatorial elections in 2000 and 2004 will also be used in 2006. The Bush Administration is counting on fear and apathy. The October surprise we were promised came a little late on November 6, 2006 when we were told that Saddam Huessein will be hanged in Iraq. The criminally gullible masses here in the U.S.(especially those followers of Limbaugh, Dobson and Robertson) will no doubt look upon this as a momentous occasion when actually in the scheme of things it is insignificant. Saddam Huessein is no boy scout. He is responsible for the murder of over a hundred Kurds, but George W. Bush is responsibe for giving the orders that lead to the death of over 500,000 people, 3,321 of which were U.S. soldiers. After this massacre took place there was a picture taken of Donald Rumsfeld and Saddam Heussein shaking hands. This tactic of glorifying the execution of Heussein may help the Republicans as much as the "dirty tricks". At this time we don't know but we will know by tomorrow. Polls continue to show Strickland leads Blackwell, Nelson leads Harris, Casey leads Santorum, Brown leads Dewine, Menendez leads Kean Jr., George "Macaca" Allen and James Webb are in a toss up as well as Burns and Tester. If just overnight all the Republicans who trail miraculously become triumphant we can not come to any other conclusion except "foul play". The Republicans (I should say the Bush Republicans because I don't believe that all Republicans condone this outrageous conduct) are desperate and will do anything they can to hold on to power. Unfortunately the Democrats have been far too eager to roll over and play dead. I hope that we will not be hearing the same sappy concession speeches where the Democrat concedes for what he or she would call "the good of the country" (TO BE CONTINUED ON NOVEMBER 7, 2006).

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