Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Democrat landslide makes George W. Bush a lame duck

It appears as if George W. Bush is a lame duck president. Democrats(with the recent victories of Tester in Montana and Webb in Virginia) now control both the House of Representatives and The Senate, giving the president complete rejection on his policies, especially his Iraq War policy. To make things even better Donald Rumsfeld has finally decided to step down. I am ecstatic that J. Kenneth Blackwell lost. Mr Blackwell, an African-American played a pivotal roll in the suppression of the black vote in Ohio by permitting Republican goon squads to intimidate black voters and he also did not provide functional voting machines to minority areas of Ohio. Katherine Harris, like Kenneth Blackwell also supressed the black vote in Florida by removing the names of eligible black voters from Florida voting lists. Like, Blackwell she also got what she deserved.... a lopsided loss to Bill Nelson. Republican George "Macaca" Allen lost a squeaker to Democrat Jim Webb. Bob Casey Jr. defeated the #3 Republican in the Senate, Rick Santorium. Democrat Claire McCaskill was victorious in Missouri. Carpin defeated Steele in Maryland and Democrats won the vast majority of the governorships. Although this is a blessing Progressive Democrats still have a monumental task ahead because the elected Democrats were Conservative Democrats who are aligned in one way or another to the DLC. The '06 election was not without its disappointments to progressive Democrats. Ward Connerly was successful in dismantling affirmative action in Michigan, a state with an unemployment rate of 7.1 (primarily African-American). Michigan became the third state to follow this trecherous path. The Republicans turned out in force to elect Joe Lieberman in Connecticut. Everything did not go well for the Progressive Democrat but things look a lot better now that Bush for the first time in his presidency is not going to have a rubber stamp Congress. Conyers, Rangel and Diggs will find themselves at the head of powerful Congressional commitees because of their seniority. It is my hope that John Conyers pursues the impeachment of George W. Bush. Time will tell.

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