Sunday, November 26, 2006

2006: The Year In Review (The Person Of The Year)

Last year it was relatively easy to choose Cindy Sheehan as the person of the year because of the tremendous influence she has had in turning the citizenry of the United States against the war in Iraq. In 2006 making the choice was not easy. One strong candidate was newly elected Minnesota congressmen Keith Ellison. What Mr. Ellison was able to do was a miracle: Being an African-American, he won in a district that was 93% white. It is always refreshing to see people vote on issues instead of race. In addition to being an African-American, he also is a Muslim. Mr. Ellison also played an active roll in assisting Somalis to live in The United States. I was angered when I saw Keith Ellison on the Glenn Beck program where he was subjected to obviously bigoted interrogation, but through it all Ellison remained positive and even polite. Beck had the nerve to use the typical bigoted jargon "I have friends who are Muslims" and "I have been to mosques" and "I am not questioning your patriotism.....BUT" When in actuality that was exactly what he was doing...questioning Ellison's patriotism. Ellison remained calm and implied that
the people who elected him had no doubt in his love and commitment to his country. I was impressed by Keith Ellison but this site's "Person Of The Year" award goes to Howard Dean. Mr. Dean suffered the embarrassment of being the frontrunner in the quest to win his party's nomination for president and then lost primary after primary until he was elimnated completely. In spite of this painful defeat Dean was elected to lead the Democratic Party. Dean decided to take a completely different approach: campaign in ALL 50 states. Dean was challenged tooth and nail by prominent Democrats Rahm Emmanuel of Illinois and Charles Shumer of New York who felt that the Democratic Party would be best served by spending precious time and money in states that are Democratic other words preaching to the choir. As a result of Dean's foresight Democrats now control areas that one would never dream of being lead by a Democrat. Even Tom Delay's seat is held by a Democrat. The war between the Progressive Democrat and the corporate connected DLC Democrat is far from over, but under Dean's leadership it looks as if the progressives are at least at this time calling the shots.

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