Friday, September 08, 2006

Mexican Politicians Disrupt Vicente Fox's Farewell Speech

Outgoing Mexican President and George W. Bush confidant Vicente Fox got a rude reception from members of the Mexican legislative body. This underreported news story should be of particular interest to people of The United States of America because Mr. Lopez Obredor the declared "loser" in the Mexican Presidential contest with Felipe Calderon gives Al Gore and John Kerry a lesson in what you should do in the case of a stolen election. Lopez Obredor is not just going to fade in the woodwork. He has big plans to disrupt the Mexican government until true justice prevails. He has huge numbers of people on his side. Even if he doesn't prevail he will leave an imprint that will be a stain on the presidency of Felipe Calderon for the next six years. Representatives from the various 22 Mexican states held signs with Fox's picture that said "Traitor". When Fox attempted to speak he was overcome with a chorus of "boos" while the followers of Lopez-Obredor disrupted traffic. I believe that this is only the beginning!

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