Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hugo Chavez calls it as he sees it

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez raised eyebrows all of the world when he called George W. Bush "the devil" Chavez characterized Bush as being a spokesman for imperialism. Hugo Chavez was in a position to speak his mind because he has something The United States needs.....oil. Undoubted representatives of many other nations felt the same, but dared not say anything for fear of retribution which would mean the loss of urgently needed aid. Mr. Chavez is ceratinly a champion for the poor...even in the United States where he has offered gas to selected urban communities at a 40% discount through Venezuela's CITGO oil. When Mr. Chavaz talks about democracy he speaks from experience having been elected four times. When Mr. Bush talks about democracy it rings hallow because he has NEVER been elected. Mr. Chavez sees Mr. Bush as the world's most dangerous threat; with the carnage in Iraq and the planning stages of an equally disastrous military misadventure in Iran I find it quite difficult to disagree with Mr. Chavez' assessment.

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