Friday, September 08, 2006

Americans?.....Point of Clarification by Joy Elizabeth Chaney

Spain (Where the Spanish language originated -- derived from the now defunct Latin) was the first country to send men to the "New World". Cristoforo Colombo (Cristobal Colon) was Italian and he with the other colonialists (I wonder where the origin of this name came from...hmmm?) decided that they were going to make the land of its original inhabitants theirs... oh and in the name of God, BTW.

Now. The Spaniards took up a lot of territory, there was territory alongside the continent of Africa, in Africa, the Phillipines (named after King Felipe), the Caribbean, North America (including what is now Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Nevada, and California), and practically all of Central and South America with the exception of Belize, Suriname, French Guyana, Guyana, and Brazil. Hmm. "MY COUNTRY speaks English!!!" Hmm. Verry interesting...

Oh, and the name of this continent and country is America, named after Amerigo Vespucci.

We are the country that does not know what to call it's citizens. America is a continent, there is North and there is South. And we should be called United Statesens.
But then there is Los Estados Unidos de Mexico. That is actual the name of their country. The world calls it Mexico. Are Mexicans Americans? Yes, as Mexico is on the continent of North America. Are Argentinians Americans? Yes, they are on the continent of South America. So, what is with us calling ourselves Americans when it is no big deal that we already are just like the other Americans on the North and Southern continents?!!!

Our country?... What?? What...?

All we had were 13 colonies. And we had the fundamentalist Pilgrims who burned witches alive. Then we took away; stole or bought the land that originally was territory of the Spaniards.

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