Saturday, September 30, 2006

Congressionally Sanctioned Torture To Become A Reality

It is hard to believe that in 2006 the Congress of the United States is about to approve TORTURE! It appears as if the only obstacle to this becoming a reality is George W. Bush's refusal to sign this piece of legislation (which is highly unlikely since he is it's most ardent advocate). Once again I must ask myself "Where is the Democrat opposition?" or do the majority of Democrats approve torture too? Why do most of them continue to be "silent" when they should be screaming with indignation? Could they be blackmailed? I just don't know, but there has to be some explanation. Congress is on the verge of giving George W. Bush the approval to interpret the Geneva accords any way he sees fit. This action is going to hurt our soldiers in the Iraq and future wars because all any enemy has to do is respond in kind. Since you tortured our soldiers we will torture yours. The United States has the advanced technology to obliterate any specific community but that is only helpful when your goal is a military victory. What seems to be never taken into account is the political victory. Fallujah was flattened by a US bomb, but in the passing of time the idealogically driven survivors and sympathizers of the insurgent cause are returning to Fallujah. As poet Michael Frante says in one of his works "You can bomb the world to PIECES but you can't bomb the world to PEACE." One would have thought that this lesson was learned in Viet Nam...but it wasn't. The Iraqis who hung the charred bodies of US contractors on a bridge near the Tigris river were reacting to the torture of Iraqis (and others) in places like Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. How could George W. Bush have the audacity to call someone else an "evil doer?" How could a prominent Democrat like Charles Rangel be furious with Hugo Chavez for calling George W. Bush a "Devil" when the actions of Mr. Bush and his partners can only be described as "diabolic". Only recently have we learned about how the Bush administration told Pakistani leader Pervez Musharref that if he didn't cooperate with the "War on Terror" the US would blow Pakistan back to the stone age. So, Musharref had to become an unwilling partner. It didn't stop there either: the US paid thousands of dollars to Pakistani citizens to expose their fellow countrymen as members of Al-Qaida. If you didn't like your neighbor or if you needed a lot of money (Six thousand dollars will go a long way in Pakistan) what better way to get this money than giving the US names of people who work with Al Qiada (even if they really didn't)? Vice president Richard Cheney bluntly told Vermont senator Patrick Leahy "F___ You" Where were the New York Post and the Daily News then? Both "newspapers" had front page headlines that not only denounced Hugo Chavez but insulted him as well. Major media is staunchly supporting all Bush endeavors, but it is doing so in varying degrees, FOX is overt and everyone else is covert. (Keith Olbermann, Pacifica and Air America are the only exceptions) I was not aware of any sense of outrage from Rangel or any other Democrat when it came to the assault on Senator Leahy. It is now common knowledge that torture, besides being morally wrong is also ineffective. Anyone would say anything to stop the pain of a torturous act. Once again I can't help but make the comparison between Germany at the time Hitler was gaining prominence and the United States today. Little by little Congress is letting Bush get by with one blatant attack on the Constitution after another: just like the "good" German did in Hitler's time. Although thousands of people have been incarcerated and illegally transported to places in Morocco, Afghanistan and Jordan to be tortured (under the guise of "extraordinary rendition" ) there have been shocklingly just two convictions, while thousands of law abiding citizens with no involvement of war activity have been frightened (and in some cases attacked) by vicious dogs, deprived of sleep, exposed to extremely cold temperatures and high decibel rock music as well as being sexually humiliated all in the effort to export "Democracy". We don't have "Democracy" here in the United States anymore, how could we possibly attempt to bring it anywhere else. George W. Bush's brand of "Democracy" in very different from the true definition of Democracy and many people around the world are seeing it more clearly day by day. We should not be fooled into thinking that when George W. Bush leaves office in 2008 that this will be the end of Bushism. IF... he decides to leave office it is likely that his successor will either continue the same policies or a modified version of these policies. Even if a Democrat wins in 2008 we may have token advances domestically but I fully expect for the war game to continue intact. I say this because most Democrats continue to support the war financially. Many Democrats speak out against the war (probably most of them) but at the same time MOST of them continue to vote for the funds to continue the Iraq war) Only 22 Democrats have voted to stop funding this illegal Iraq war. The same forces that stole the 2000 and 2004 elections are poised to do the same in 2008 (Visit The Bush machine has a very powerful ally, who is primarily white, lower middle class and a born again Christian who votes religiously following the orders of Dobson, Falwell or Robertson. He (or she) doesn't give a damn about his (or her) self-interest when it comes to health care and insurance just as long as he (or she) can identify with affluent properous predominantly white upper class and at the same time be able to look down on others like the non-white minorites. These are the people who vote in large numbers!!!! at a time when just a little over 50% of US citizens go to the polls. The "other" people who vote......their votes are siphoned off or discarded. We never hear about voting machine problems in Boise, Idaho or the suburbs of Indiana. So many who aren't part of the racist, Bible-toting conservative constituency are saying things like "Why should I vote? My vote is not going to count anyway." This is exactly what the Bush people want "them" to think. That is also why TORTURE will be approved in the United States of America under the auspices of the George W. Bush administration.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Evo Morales: A man of integrity

An interview of newly elected Bolivian President Evo Morales by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez ( gives much insight into the mindset of the often maligned (in US press) Bolivian head of state. This relatively young man undoubtedly has the support of the vast majority of his people. In this interview you can plainly see that Mr. Morales is a man of integrity, humility and most of all honesty. He has been portrayed in the US media of being a drug dealer because of his
support of the decriminalization of the coca leaf. Mr. Morales justified his position in a speech at the United Nations where he brought the green coca leaf to the assembly and stated that the leaf is not only harmless but has medicinal purposes as well as being part of traditional ceremonies of the Bolivian people. It is the white coca leaf that is detrimental and can be used to make cocaine. To bolster his argument Mr. Morales uses a scientific study made in the United States at Harvard University. Mr. Morales also asked the UN General Assembly "Why is the coca leaf illegal for the Bolivian people yet perfectly legal for use by the Coca Cola company?" Upon becoming President Mr. Morales immediately raised the minimum wage and cut his own salary by 50%. He has nationalized the country's natural gas industry, which is a very bold move at a time when this commodity's demand has risen
to record breaking heights. He has also given Bolivian control to many, if not most
international businesses in Bolivia without forcing any foreign entity to leave the country. Mr. Morales invited not only those from US businesses, but those from around the world to come to Bolivia for commerce but "as partners, not as bosses".
Mr. Morales also shows himself to be a man with a great sense of humor when he tells the story of how the United States' ambassador told the Bolivian people NOT to vote for Mr. Morales: because if they did international business support for Bolivia will decline. Mr. Morales says with a grin "Since my election international relations are better than they have ever been." Mr. Morales also speaks of the racial discrimination that was rampant in his country during previous administrations when he talks of how his mother (an indigenous person) was not allowed to be in the vicinity of the "Feria de Santa Cruz". Now the president of Bolivia IS an indigenous person who will not permit this type of racism to endure.
It would be beneficial to all US citizens to see this interview just to get another perspective because the Bush administration is already actively working to overthrow the Morales government. Evo Morales has the characteristics I would like to see in politicians here in the United States "Independence, Honesty and a genuine commitment to the people".

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hugo Chavez calls it as he sees it

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez raised eyebrows all of the world when he called George W. Bush "the devil" Chavez characterized Bush as being a spokesman for imperialism. Hugo Chavez was in a position to speak his mind because he has something The United States needs.....oil. Undoubted representatives of many other nations felt the same, but dared not say anything for fear of retribution which would mean the loss of urgently needed aid. Mr. Chavez is ceratinly a champion for the poor...even in the United States where he has offered gas to selected urban communities at a 40% discount through Venezuela's CITGO oil. When Mr. Chavaz talks about democracy he speaks from experience having been elected four times. When Mr. Bush talks about democracy it rings hallow because he has NEVER been elected. Mr. Chavez sees Mr. Bush as the world's most dangerous threat; with the carnage in Iraq and the planning stages of an equally disastrous military misadventure in Iran I find it quite difficult to disagree with Mr. Chavez' assessment.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Mexican Politicians Disrupt Vicente Fox's Farewell Speech

Outgoing Mexican President and George W. Bush confidant Vicente Fox got a rude reception from members of the Mexican legislative body. This underreported news story should be of particular interest to people of The United States of America because Mr. Lopez Obredor the declared "loser" in the Mexican Presidential contest with Felipe Calderon gives Al Gore and John Kerry a lesson in what you should do in the case of a stolen election. Lopez Obredor is not just going to fade in the woodwork. He has big plans to disrupt the Mexican government until true justice prevails. He has huge numbers of people on his side. Even if he doesn't prevail he will leave an imprint that will be a stain on the presidency of Felipe Calderon for the next six years. Representatives from the various 22 Mexican states held signs with Fox's picture that said "Traitor". When Fox attempted to speak he was overcome with a chorus of "boos" while the followers of Lopez-Obredor disrupted traffic. I believe that this is only the beginning!

Americans?.....Point of Clarification by Joy Elizabeth Chaney

Spain (Where the Spanish language originated -- derived from the now defunct Latin) was the first country to send men to the "New World". Cristoforo Colombo (Cristobal Colon) was Italian and he with the other colonialists (I wonder where the origin of this name came from...hmmm?) decided that they were going to make the land of its original inhabitants theirs... oh and in the name of God, BTW.

Now. The Spaniards took up a lot of territory, there was territory alongside the continent of Africa, in Africa, the Phillipines (named after King Felipe), the Caribbean, North America (including what is now Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Nevada, and California), and practically all of Central and South America with the exception of Belize, Suriname, French Guyana, Guyana, and Brazil. Hmm. "MY COUNTRY speaks English!!!" Hmm. Verry interesting...

Oh, and the name of this continent and country is America, named after Amerigo Vespucci.

We are the country that does not know what to call it's citizens. America is a continent, there is North and there is South. And we should be called United Statesens.
But then there is Los Estados Unidos de Mexico. That is actual the name of their country. The world calls it Mexico. Are Mexicans Americans? Yes, as Mexico is on the continent of North America. Are Argentinians Americans? Yes, they are on the continent of South America. So, what is with us calling ourselves Americans when it is no big deal that we already are just like the other Americans on the North and Southern continents?!!!

Our country?... What?? What...?

All we had were 13 colonies. And we had the fundamentalist Pilgrims who burned witches alive. Then we took away; stole or bought the land that originally was territory of the Spaniards.