Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Orleans: A year later......little progress

A year after what was probably the country's worst natural disaster there has been little improvement in the quality of life of most inhabitants of New Orleans even though you would never know that by listening to George W. Bush who seems to be most excited about the beaches of New Orleans. George Bush talks about how Trent Lott lost his home. This is ridiculous. The well known wealthy Mississippi politician's loss pales in comparison to his Mississippi constituents who didn't have his resources. In a year's time we get a much clearer picture of what happened. Katrina appears to have given an opportunity to racist real estate developers to ethnically cleanse New Orleans. Plans have been found that include luxury homes and golf courses in the 9th Ward. We know that in Louisiana parishes far away from the most affected areas received the highest amounts of money. We know that many victims of Katrina were put in trailers filled with formaldahyde. We know that the good hands people of Allstate are trying to avoid the claims made by their customers. We know that the mayor and other people of great influence in New Orleans tried to grab land from the victims by forcing them to gut their homes within an unreasonable time period or lose them. Fortunately the housing advocate organization ACORN was able to prevent this from happening. We know that George W. Bush tried to eliminate the Davis-Beacon Act that stated that after natural disasters those working to rebuild must be paid minimum wage. It is estimated that 60% of the garbage Katrina left a year ago is STILL there. Of course not all that has happened since August 29, 2005 has been bad. Harry Connick Jr., Kanye West and Celine Dion are just a few of the many who spent their time and money coming to the aid of the Katrina victims. Many organizations from all over the country immediately sent food and offered other types of assistance. We know that 2/3 of New Orleans' pre-Katrina population has NOT
returned. Only 17 percent of the busses are operating. We now know that Michael Brown states in a recent Playboy article that he was told to take one for the team. According to Brown Bush wanted him to take the blame even though Brown repeatedly stated that unless something was done a disaster was immenent.I remember an interview Long Island congressmen Peter King had with one of the networks. In this interview he praised Bush as a strong politician who would protect the country from all dangers within our borders and outside of our borders. I wonder what Rep. King is saying now.

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