Friday, August 18, 2006

Lieberman Moves Ahead?

It is very unusual that the latest Quinnipiac University poll (as of August 18, 2006) gives Joe Lieberman a 12% lead over Ned Lamont. Should Lieberman win it would be another in a series of questionnable GOP/DLC victories. Even though Lieberman would be an Independent it would still be a GOP/DLC victory. Earlier it was reported by Rasmussen that Lieberman had a 5% lead, so this is disturbing news that could strengthen the Republicans in November, having a victory in a blue state. Lamont supporters inside and outside of Connecticut must get out and agitate, motivate and register.
It appears as if after Lamont's primary victory they felt the battle was over! In the event that Lieberman does win Harry Reid should be pressured to strip him of every post he had as a Democrat. Johnson's victory over McKinney is also questionnable, but in Georgia Republicans are permitted to vote in Democratic primaries, but that being so McKinney still won 44% to 41% yet she lost in the general election by a wide margin. This is suspicious. The Republican mantra after Mondale lost in Minnesota and Kerry and Gore lost in the two previous presidential fiascos was "Democrats are sore losers" and "Let's move on" Democrats are going to have to demand that every vote be counted and that there be a paper ballot. If you legitimately lose you have to accept it, but that is not the case in recent U.S elections where the exit polls show one thing and the election results show the opposite. Democrats should also focus on Texas, where the Republicans have been forced to have a write in candidate to replace Tom Delay. As a result Texas Democrats gloat and feel that the election is "in the bag". Although it appears as if the Republicans will have TWO write-in candidates Democrats should not be complacent. Even in this election Democrats should be wary of dirty tricks. The Bush Administration's approval rating has fallen to 36%, falling two points this week alone. It would appear to be out of the ordinary if Bush's party remains in control of both houses of Congress. We must keep in mind that the state of Florida has passed legislation making paper ballots and counting every individual vote illegal. How many other "red" states are contemplating the same action? So many districts have been gerrymandered (especially in Texas) to insure incumbent victories. Most Republicans are counting on Democrats to blow off some steam and as time goes by accept Republican rule and things will go on as usual.

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